Welcome to Ayrshire Classic Car Club

Some ten years ago the local MG Owners Club folk met in a local hostelry. Gradually the number of MGs reduced and other makes increased. And then more wives and partners began attending the monthly meetings so the club metamorphosed into a club for all who enjoy classic cars irrespective of their types and ages (the cars that is). And so Ayrshire Classics Car Club was born. We are a group of folks of both sexes who like classic cars and enjoy social events based around them and we live within striking distance of Ayr.

Of course the question of what defines a car as 'classic' is debated at times, but we reckon that if you think your car is a classic – then it is, irrespective of its age or market value! So all classic car owners are welcome and a wide range of types are represented in the Club. You are just as likely to rub shoulders with the owner of a Mini as an E Type and both will be equally friendly.

Entries are now closed for Cars on the Campus 2018.


The General's Garage


Second Thursday of the month at Ford Hall, The Kingcase Church Hall, 11 Waterloo Road, Prestwick KA9 2AA

Call: 01292 560 194

Email: info@ayrshireclassics.com

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