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Haven’t the first two months of 2018 flown past?

Something that certainly hasn’t flown past is ‘The Beast from the East’ which, at the time of writing, is whipping up a snow filled frenzy and I daresay keeping our Classics away from the roads.

Our AGM earlier in the month was well attended and the committee will remain ‘as you were’ for the year ahead (I’ve listed the members below for your info).

We are happy to report that the Club is in a good place financially (provided that “The General” manages to attract sponsors & advertisers for ‘Cars on the Campus’) and therefore Club subscriptions will remain at £20 for 2018.

Whilst mentioning ‘Cars on the Campus‘, I should note that planning is going well and George B has matters well in hand with his team.  John does require to know those amongst us who intend to bring their car(s) to the show so do please let him know – you will have seen his e-mail to that effect.  George B will give a full ‘Cars on the Campus‘ briefing at the April meeting.

You will also note the sterling work being undertaken by Tony to establish a user friendly and responsive communication process for the Club.  Our hope is that Club news will reach you on whichever device you wish and for events in particular, you will be able to book and receive updates on your computer or mobile device.  If you’re reading this then you’ll already be sampling our new website – We welcome your feedback!

Stuart has lined up some interesting speakers but we continue encourage our own members to give a short presentation on a Club night.  Do please contact him by clicking ‘HERE‘ if you would like to do so.
He has also arranged the first run of the year on ‘Drive it Day’ (22nd April, 2018) as you will see.

Meanwhile that man of many interests, Ronnie has lined up a visit or two for us and Colin is taking the lead on resurrecting a Club away weekend.  More of these anon.

Keith Hall has kindly taken over ‘regalia’ for us and has some good ideas.  If there is anything that you would like, please contact him at the next meeting.

The last Club dinner went very well and we will continue to use the Savoy for the mid year event.  In addition we will have a BBQ!

So now that I’m back from my travels, I must give some thought to my short (Sandra insists!) presentation to you at the next meeting on Thursday 8th of March, 2018.

See you there.



Ayrshire Classics Car Club Committee for 2018

Chairman :   Francis Fisher
Treasurer :   John McSpadyen
Secretary :   Ronnie Johnston


George Frame (Fundraising)
George Brown (Cars on the Campus)
Colin Dey (Away Visits)
Stuart Smith (Club Talks)
Brian Mabon (Static Events)
Tony Penman (I.T.)

Keith Hall (Regalia)

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