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Our Thursday meeting saw a very good turnout of 45 of our number and we were able to welcome 5 new ACCC members to the fold and very welcome they are too !!

George Brown was unable to make the meeting to give us his Cars on the Campus update but was replace by his more than able deputy Colin Dey who brought us up to date on the arrangements for the event.  Thanks to all who volunteered to don the Hi-Vis vests for an hour or two on the day.  The event couldn’t go ahead without help like this and your assistance is appreciated!
We just need to do a ‘reverse rain dance’ and all will be well.

George Frame gave us an update on his fundraising efforts and has once again ‘filled the programme’ with advertisers having ‘carpet bombed’ the local entrepreneurs with visits & calls.  Well done ‘General’.  Please remember to support those businesses that support us!

As was mentioned on the evening, applications to ‘show’ at CotC are now closed and John McSpadyen and the CotC committee will be shortly be arranging the allocation of spaces and contacting everyone with details.

Drive it Day on Sunday the 22nd saw almost 20 of us brave the sideways rain and drive to the David Coulthard Museum in Twynholm – You can read about that trip elsewhere on the site!

From here the show season is firmly upon us – Let’s enjoy those cars !!


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