GDPR – Update

The race for clubs to be GDPR compliant has hit the headlines this week with “Classic Car Weekly” deeming it important enough to be their cover story!

As you’ll hopefully have gathered by now, we need to have all the permission in place by the 25th of May and the good news is we’re on our way to that deadline with just under 66% of people who we hold details of (Members & Ex Members) having at least opened the email and 50 of that number having updated their permissions – Thank You !!

We understand that not everyone favours the online method and to assist you with that, we will have a good supply of paper copies and pens with at ‘Cars on the Campus’ this Sunday (6th of May) – We will be at the registration desk marshalling first thing and at various points during the day.
We are determined to make this as easy & convenient as possible for everyone concerned and hit the deadline in good order!

If you haven’t done so already, check your inbox and click the ‘Update Your Permissions’ button – it takes under a minute to do.
We’ll send a second email to anyone who hasn’t opened the first before the weekend and a final reminder later in the month following our monthly meeting where, yet again, we’ll have paper copies and pens available.

Tony has posted a simple ‘what it means for you & us’ comment on the public forum which you can view by clicking ‘HERE’.  In the meantime, the ‘Classic Car Weekly’ article is copied below (Very good issue – well worth popping down to the newsagents and investing £2.60 on)

See you all on Sunny Sunday!!

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