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Anyway, blog or not here goes – I have to again remark on the quite exceptional work put in on this year’s Cars on the Campus by George Frame, John McSpadyen, Brian Mabon, Stu Smith, Ronnie Johnston and Colin Dey led by George Brown. The show was a great success largely due to their diligence (and the weather!). Well done too to our judges (whose anonymity I will of course protect, but Andrew, Peter and John know who I mean!) who not only did a cracking job, but delivered their verdict on time!

Of course, none of this could have been possible without the work put in by you all on the day and of course to Donald Jack for elegantly wafting the Depute Provost around the grounds. On that note, Claire although new to the idea of classic cars, seemed very much to enjoy the day and did a great job presenting the prizes at the end – definitely a rival to Jim Todd.
As an afterthought, if you would like to buy extra Ayrshire Classics Cars on the Campus glasses, they will be available at the next meeting for the huge sum of £2 each.

Last weekend was the first time that I’d been on Cumbrae, but what a lovely place when the sun shines and a delightful little show too. Well, now recovered (the car not me) from sitting in a looong queue for the ferry after a delightful day let me turn my thoughts to what is next.

New to the menu of events this year is an opportunity to display our cars in front of the Burns Museum in Alloway. So if this takes your fancy ping an email back to me so that I can confirm numbers with them. They will be advertising this ‘event’ so do please turn up If you book!

Details are as follows:
Date: 1st July 2018 – arrival before their opening time of 10:00hrs and a free coffee and scone for the driver plus free access to the museum.
(I’ve asked for driver+1 but its Scottish National Trust so no response so far!). – access via car park and parking will be on the grass in front of the museum. The picture shows the access route and parking will be on the right hand side. The weather has been arranged to be good (OK that last bit is stretching the truth rather a lot.)


Pick nick at Dunure of 27th May 18 – just bring along your lunch to the Kennedy Park at Dunure and bask in the sun with fellow classicists in one of the prettiest places in Ayrshire. Same caveat as in the previous paragraph!

Mid year dinner – I’ve not yet booked this but we hope to follow a similar format to the Christmas do – watch this space for rush news.

Meanwhile – the committee are cogitating over a small visit to Porsche in Glasgow (you can tell that we now have a Porsche owner amongst us) and one to the QM2 which is parked next to the Science Centre also in Glasgow. More on these and other gestational ideas to come.

You may well have had a note asking you to confirm that you are a member and indeed to ensure that you have given the Club permission to hold your details. If so do please cut us some slack. The new EU-wide law (GDPR) that comes into being on 25th May 2018 requires us to seek your permission to hold your details and without that permission we must delete them. That would make it well nigh impossible for us to contact you again so please sign up to the new regime!

And if we have have failed to register you as a member when you are, its ‘cos we are only human and sometimes make mistakes. A search through the records inevitably reveals the error which can then be corrected with alacrity.
I might say add that Tony has been doing a great job in seeking to put us on the right side of the law and indeed ‘mechanising’ our means of communication, including the website.
Oh and a couple more things before I forget – we hope to have a presentation from the Maritime Museum at the next meeting, but I’m told that they are playing hard to get. If they don’t get got Colin has kindly ‘offered’ to speak about er, what was it now? Oh, I remember – Porsche(s).

Now your committee has been musing over the beneficiary of the money that we have raised for charity. Off the top of my head, I think that it stands at about £300 but I’m sure that the treasurer will correct me if I’m wrong. You will of course know that, without the sanction of the membership, we can only donate to charity funds that were raised for specifically for charity use. We wanted a charity that has a demonstrated value and helps disadvantaged children locally. We have decided on the Princes’ Trust for this year’s donation and we will set the wheels in motion in due course. The reason that we picked this recipient is because it seeks to give disadvantaged children self belief and the confidence to succeed; in other words to turn round the lives of young people.

‘The Prince’s Trust is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales to help vulnerable young people get their lives on track. It supports 11 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion’.


So there we have it


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