Ayrshire Cancer Support #Home4Cancer – Charity Auction

Ayrshire Cancer Support are currently running a Charity Auction for a Gorgeous Red 1973 Round Arched MG Midget which was kindly donated by an anonymous donor.
If you are interested in a new classic for 2019 then this could be the car for you.  Even if it’s not for you, you can do Ayrshire Cancer Support a massive favour and spread the word by telling your friends or sharing this post on social media.

Whilst Ayrshire Classics actively support local charities we are not directly involved with this fundraising event. Members are free to bid as they see fit and we wish them and the charity all the best.

Read all about it below:


Just a week after Ayrshire Cancer Support launched a new
fundraising drive, #Home4Cancer, to create a new centre for people affected by cancer in South Ayrshire, a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, handed the charity the keys for a classic 1973 red MG Midget!
He said ‘Take my MG, you need it more than I do. You
should get about £12,000 for it. Keep up the good
Laura Brown, Income Manager for Ayrshire Cancer Support said, ‘I was astounded
that anyone would do such a kind thing. A classic
car is more than money, it’s a love thing and this one
is mint. It really is stunning. The person obviously
cares a lot about making sure that there is a really
nice facility for people affected by cancer in South
Ayrshire. I’d like to thank them very much and if people are interested in bidding, please contact me.’

The car is 1973 with a 1.3L engine and has been fully restored.

Interested in bidding for the car? Contact us on 01563 538008 or email admin@ayrshirecs.org

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