Cattle Show 2019

Or the Ayrshire Vintage Tractor & Machinery Club – Vintage Rally as it is correctly known!

Ayrshire Classic Car Club had about 50 cars at the show this year, as always, a wide selection was on display.

Brian and John arrived at 8.30 am to set things up for the club, both doing a sterling job of it as always.  The members always appreciate their hard work behind the scenes.

The day started nice and even if it wasn’t the sunniest of days it was very pleasant weather to wander the event and see the displays. The rain eventually came down after three o clock and you can guess what happens next – cars start to disappear….

There were lots of tractors, lorries and stationary engines doing what they do also dogs running around in the rink , tents for food and Jim Paterson showing his Model lorries and Cars.

There is a short video of the day below for your enjoyment.

George F


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