Collins Aerospace – Family Fun Day 2019

Great weather and a fun day was had at Collins Aerospace Family Fun Day.

Amongst the entertainment there was plenty of family fun  and flight themed goodies such as the timeless ‘build your own aeroplane’ that I’m sure the members owned back in their childhoods!

There were information stands for any prospective future employees, wild birds and snakes for the brave amongst us and some lovely food available in the spotless canteen.

The ice cream van was a popular destination with our members although I didn’t spot many of them on the bouncy castle….

The club members did us proud turning out in some force.
Each event brings us not only new members but an ever growing range of classic cars. Both the cars and their owners were well turned out and as far as I could see all wearing their Medallions – Keith would be pleased.

I was parked in the shadow of a very large truck a beautiful machine; every panel on the body told a different story.

This was no ornament – it is a working truck, delivering heavy machinery to various building sites. The  ower treated it as you would treat any classic and was still polishing it when I left.

As always there are some photos of the day for your enjoyment below.


Collins Aerospace - Family Fun Day

We were delighted to support this Family Event - Enjoy the pictures!

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