August ‘Retired Run’

The Thursday following our monthly meeting generally sees a small band of our members not troubled by work, heading off for a run (weather permitting in their classics) to various destinations for lunch & a chat.

This Thursday (15th) saw 11 members and 7 cars convene at Dobbies Car Park in Ayr before taking a jaunt to ‘Thomas Tosh’ in Thornhill for and enjoyable lunch and chat in great company.

Our intrepid band reported an enjoyable drive down to Dumfries and a destination well worth visiting with some interesting events and displays for your entertainment.

For more info on the destination, click ‘HERE’ for their website or ‘HERE’ for their FaceBook page.

If you are interested in joining the members on the next ‘Retired Run’, please contact George Frame by clicking ‘HERE’ or say hello to him at our next meeting.

Please remember that destinations may only be able to cater for small numbers and George will need to know numbers in advance for booking purposes.

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