A drive to a great Cars & Coffee @ Greenside Garden Centre

Cars & Coffee attracted me the morning after the clocks went back and I took a 20 odd mile jaunt up to Lanarkshire for this Sunday morning meet – It’s never a disappointment!

The meet is on the last Sunday of the month and is organised by Lanarkshire Classic Car Club.

A leaking coolant pipe meant I had to stop before getting there to let the steam disperse and the engine cool back down to manageable levels.

Never mind I thought, there’s a garage right next to the venue.  It happens to be the only garage I’ve ever been in that doesn’t sell coolant!

Oh, and before anyone says, the puddle in the picture opposite was not caused by my car – honest! 😉

(I made it home courtesy of a couple of bottles of Volvic – My winter ‘to do’ list just got longer…)

But back to the meet!

With this being the last weekend in October you know it’s probably the last chance this year to see some of these vehicles as they’ll be SORN’d over the autumn & winter, so I expected to see some owners making the most of the few days left.
I wasn’t disappointed.

There was a brilliant selection of classic, retro & modern machinery on show and some chatty owners to tell you all about them at Cars & Coffee.  I also bumped into a few familiar faces and some friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while.
Isn’t that what these events are all about?

The Garden Centre itself always does lovely food and of course a nice cuppa! (I do like a nice cuppa)

A very enjoyable morning despite the coolant issues.


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