The Annual ACCC Interactive Quiz

Everyone loves a Quiz!  (Hopefully)

It’s time for a little Festive Fun – here’s a chance to test your automotive knowledge and see if you’re a Stig-like genius or a Stig of the Dump 😉

Have fun, share the quiz on social media if you can and let us know how you did in the comments section below.

If you’re a car fan and hail from Ayrshire you can join us on the second Thursday of every month (January excluded) to talk all things cars – more details ‘HERE’

In the meantime, Can you get Top Marks?

At the end of which year was the Tax Disc abolished in the UK?

Correct! Wrong!

2014 - it seems so long ago.....

A businessman turned down an offer of over £6 million in 2013 for which registration plate?

Correct! Wrong!

F1 - even the number plates are expensive the second F1 gets involved.

What was the best selling car in the 1980's?

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The Ford Escort of course (Our very own Richard Stanley bought most of them....)

What year did rear seat belts become compulsory in the UK?

Correct! Wrong!

It was 1991 - Well after the days of 'Klunk-Klick'

What is the most common firing order for a four cylinder engine?

Correct! Wrong!

And yet we put the leads back on in the wrong order so often..........

The Beetle was the world's best selling vehicle of all time until the late 1990s, when it was overtaken by which car?

Correct! Wrong!

You might have known it would be Toyota !

The Ford Model T was given which two word nickname?

Correct! Wrong!

Tin Lizzie (although bone shaker does describe the ride....)

What do the letters JDM stand for?

Correct! Wrong!

JDM - The TLA loved by the FAF PPL....

Which was the smallest car ever made?

Correct! Wrong!

The Peel is the one. Can't see me fitting inside one anytime soon.

What was the worlds first motorsport racetrack?

Correct! Wrong!

Yes, It's the British obsession with motorsport yet again!

Who invented the petrol powered internal combustion engine?

Correct! Wrong!

Nicolaus Otto (I bet you thought it was Karl Benz!)

How many colours was the Model T Ford available in?

Correct! Wrong!

You can have any colour you want - as long as it's black! (which dried quicker than other available paints)

What was the top speed of the Benz Motorwagen, the worlds first practice motor car?

Correct! Wrong!

6mph - roughly the speed of a medium to brisk walk

Which was Triumph's best selling TR model?

Correct! Wrong!

It was the second last of the line - The TR7 (Not the TR8 pictured above)

Which of the following was not an official description for the Volkswagen Type 2?

Correct! Wrong!

Although 'Bus' is a frequently used term, the Type 2 was never officially referred to as a 'bus' by VW

The Annual ACCC Interactive Quiz

Cars aren't your thing, are they? 😉
Not the worst we've ever seen!

Little more work required but you know the basics!
Not bad at all

You know your onions - a little more pottering in the garage and you'll be an expert !
Level: Expert

You're awfully good at this - You must be an ACCC Member surely? If not, come along on the second Thursday of the month - We need you !!!
You are The Stig !!

You have the knowledge of a motoring God - All we know is: You are The Stig !

You can try last years quiz by clicking ‘HERE’  and scrolling down.

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