Car-Related Christmas Gifts?

The ‘Man in the Red Suit’ has been and the last of the turkey is being polished off as part of a curry or in sandwiches.

Did you get any interesting car-related gifts this year?

Let’s hear about them in the comments section below!

I’ll start the conversation with something slightly different that found its way into my garage over the festive break and plays nicely to my love of cars and (so I’m told) my OCD…..

Shadow Foam DIY Tool Organiser

I’m sure you’ve all seen these expensive tool chests that have a place for everything and thought about how nice that would be (No? just me then….)

The upside is that everything becomes very neat and ‘findable’ – The downside is that it all takes up much more space and it exposes ‘gaps’ in your armoury which encourages you to spend more money on missing sizes.

Is there a black hole in your garage that consumes every 10mm & ½ inch socket and spanner you ever owned?

I’ve done a couple of drawers so far and I find it quite easy to do.  The kit came with cutting blades and good instructions.

There is enough foam to cover 4 drawers of the size shown and a variety of colours and sizes are available to suit your particular taste.

Oh, and the sandwich was turkey & brown sauce before you ask 😉

What did you get / treat yourself to?

Let us know!

All the best,


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