Car Anniversaries in 2020

2019 saw some big celebrations of some famous and much loved classics such as the Triumph Herald, The Ford Capri and of course the evergreen Mini.

But what should we be looking forward to celebrating in 2020?

In the year Ayrshire Classics Car Club turns sweet 16, Here is a small selection of models also reaching notable birthdays!


Aston Martin DB2 – celebrating 70th anniversary

Officially the first Aston Martin model to wear the DB (David Brown) name, the DB2 is an iconic sports car that was launched in spring 1950. The DB2 was a marriage of Aston Martin’s chassis and a Bentley-designed engine, production ran until April 1953 after 410 models were produced.


Triumph Stag – celebrating 50th anniversary

The British made Triumph Stag was produced between 1970 and 1977 by the Triumph Motor Company and was styled by the Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti. The Triumph Stag was technically advanced at its launch with independent suspension all round, servo-assisted disc/drum brakes and power steering, and electric windows as standard. All models featured the distinctive overhead roll bar too. 25,939 cars were produced between 1970 and 1977, with over 6,000 sent for export. The Triumph Stag is still a popular classic car today with an estimated 35% of original production cars surviving.


VW Type 2 – celebrating 70th anniversary

Following the success of the VW Beetle (Type 1), in 1950 VW began production of their first Transporter model, the VW Type 2. On 8th March production began at the rate of 10 vehicles per day.  For the next four decades roughly 5 million buses were produced, the basic design remained the same but numerous different body combinations were made.


Hillman Avenger – celebrating 50th anniversary

As the first Rootes Group car to be developed under the leadership of Chrysler Europe, the Hillman Avenger was produced from 1970 until 1981. Also rebadged as a Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and a Talbot Avenger for world-wide markets, the Avenger was certainly in-tune with its time featuring semi-fast back rear and plastic one-piece front grille. 1973 saw the arrival of the facelift Avenger, the Avenger Tiger. Its twin-carburettor engine was easily tuned and with upgrades available off the shelf, it was intended for club level competition


Saab 96 – celebrating 60th anniversary

An update to the previous 92 model, the Saab 96 was a popular choice for rally drivers of the 60’s, with it’s competition successes helped put this emerging automaker firmly on the map. Originally produced with a two-stroke engine, which was eventually replaced by a four-stroke V4 in 1966, production ran from 1960 until 1980 with over half a million models made. A 1966 Saab 96 even set a land speed record in the stock body car class at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2011.


Have we missed out your favourite?

Join the discussion and let us know all about it below in the comments!


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