Drive it Day 2020 – #DriveitDayMemories


I’m sure you’ll cast an envious glance at your car this weekend and wish for better times (and this current weather) to enjoy your classic on the open road.

We must however stay at home to save lives and instead reminisce on good times and previous trips.
The FBHVC sensibly cancelled Drive it Day this year and have instead called on clubs and owners to share their memories of past Drive it Days – we share their article below which contains instructions on how to participate.  Their website is well worth visit ! (especially this weekend)

Published: on the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs website on the 24/04/2020

Sunday 26 April 2020 would, under normal circumstances, have seen thousands of historic vehicles take to the roads across the UK to celebrate the season opening FBHVC National Drive It Day.

However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, activities that involve taking a historic vehicle out on the road specifically for the purposes of Drive it Day, have had to be abandoned.  All enthusiasts are now urged to stay at home on 26 April 2020 and not partake in any non-essential travel for Drive it Day. Instead, the FBHVC invite you to get involved in a nationwide social media campaign to spread positivity around the historic vehicle community during this difficult time.

Don’t have access to social media? That’s OK as well, because the FBHVC have created a website where owners and organisations can easily upload their photos to share with the national effort to raise awareness around our important freedoms to use transport heritage in all its diverse forms. It’s not just cars either that we are hoping to see, so do get involved if you have images of motorcycles, commercial vehicles, buses, agricultural vehicles and traction engines for example.

All you have to do is visit and click the upload button. There you will be directed to a very simple form that will enable you to submit your photos for inclusion on the site. We will be accepting submissions for a whole month, until May 26 2020 to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to, view and enjoy your images.

Those individuals and clubs that do have social media access are encouraged to participate on 26 April 2020 in the mass sharing, via social media, of images and memories of themselves and their families out and about in their historic vehicles during a previous year’s Drive it Day – using the hashtag #DriveitDayMemories.

Our website at will curate those images into a single display and we will also of course share them across the FBHVC channels to draw attention to your club or organisation.

So, use your chosen social media platform this weekend to share images and stories of memorable trips with your historic vehicles or indeed, what you might be working on within the ‘self – isolation’ of your garage or shed.

Use the hashtag #DriveitDayMemories and we can’t wait to see your photos and memories!



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