Virtual Cars on the Campus 2020  –  Show Report & Winners (Pt.2)

Virtual Cars on the Campus 2020  –  Show Report & Winners (Pt.2)
#StayAtHome    #StaySafe    #ProtectOurNHS    #COTC2020

A nice cuppa and a burger at the virtual catering truck (am I taking this too far now?) and we’re back for more from Virtual Cars on the Campus!
Straight to it then – I’m sure that’s David Connell parked over there.  What have you brought David?

My Name: David Connell
My Car:  Rochdale GT (1965)  
Why it’s so special to me: I’ve had this car over 30 years now. It’s built on Triumph Herald running gear.

Next it’s the unmistakable Morris Minor Pickup truck belonging to Mark Winton of the Morris Minor Scottish Branch!

My Name: Mark Winton
My vehicle Make / Model / Year: Morris Minor Pickup (1969)
Why it’s so special to me: It’s a long term project and I have owned it for over 15 years and it’s still evolving.
We have shown it a lot of events around the country and it’s been on show at the NEC the last 3 years and for this year we have swapped out the fiat twin cam engine and fitted a turbo diesel, so now it’s getting 50+ miles to the gallon and is extremely fast.
Hopefully we get a good few Morris on the Campus today.

Lovely Audi TT belonging to Jamie Ramage next:

My Name: Jamie Ramage
My vehicle Make / Model / Year: Audi TT 3.2v6 roadster, 2004, 17000 miles
Why it’s so special to me: love this car for driving when the sun comes out, the heated seats come in useful

Ah, One of my favourites pulling in and a previous CotC winner to boot – It’s Paul Cosway

Paul Cosway – 356 Speedster replica (1954) 

I’ve owned and self built my Speedster over the last 25yrs starting with the rusted out chassis found under a tarpaulin in a local garden. Many hundreds of man hours later its now finished. 
The picture outside at the Brig O Doon was taken on New years day. The first and only time it’s been out this year. 

Well if it isn’t the secretary of the Glasgow branch of the MGOC, John McIlhagger !

My Name: John McIlhagger
My vehicle Make / Model / Year: MGB Roadster 1969                 
Why it’s so special to me: It’s an MG – so of course it’s special

No argument from this side of the room John!

When one MG comes along, It’s usually followed by another – No different today!  Hers’s Kenneth Brown

Thought I’d submit an entry for your Virtual Cars on the Campus 2020.
The first photo was taken in October 2019 at Ayr beachfront.
The second photo was taken a few days ago on my driveway and shows the #stayathomerally plate in support of the NHS.
  • Your Name: Kenneth Brown
  • Vehicle Make / Model & Year: MG/MGB GT 1978
  • What makes it special for you: BGT owned since 1985. Heritage Certificate, built October 1977, registered January 1978. Historic Vehicle classification. MGB Register #19292.

Great idea to hold a virtual display.

Kenneth Brown
Thanks Kenneth! You can get your #StayAtHomeRally plate (all profits to NHS Charities) by visiting Dragonfly (click HERE)
Here’s Ken Graham with his ‘headturner’
My Name: Ken Graham
My vehicle: Nissan / Figaro  / Year: 1991
Why it’s so special to me: The absolute ‘uniqueness’ of the car, with only 20000 being produced in a single year. The design touches throughout the car and the fact you can’t drive anywhere without it raising a smile and provoking the  inevitable ’What is this?’ question!!!

Some American Muscle anyone? Charles Muirhead will oblige:

My Name: Charles Muirhead
My vehicle Make:  Mustang / Model: 3.7 / Year: 2012
Why it’s so special to me: Imported from America…heads turn whenever take it out…great runner…a dream car…

Arnold Van De Brug is here with a real drivers car!

Looking forward to the virtual car show.
Lotus Elise S 2007
Bought from new and still the car that is the most fun to drive

Next is a rather special car we want to introduce to you. This MGB has the power to make peoples lives jus a little bit better.

Our friends at Ayrshire Cancer Support were recently gifted a lovely MGB GT which they are raffling to raise much needed funds to keep their patient transport service running.

You could own this classic for £10 !

For more info click on the link and as well as doing a great deed by buying a ticket and helping those who need it, you could be the proud owner of this MGB !…

We’ll have a short tea break and then I see some entries pulling up at our virtual gate – better let ’em in!!
Back shortly!

Back again fully refreshed!
Callum Scott is short and sweet with this one!

Callum Scott
Volkswagen Golf R 2016 (Manual)
Best car I’ve had! Nothing to complain about?

David Bernardon is parking up now – Who doesn’t love a Riley?

Your Car Make / Model / Year: Riley 1.5 1961
What makes it special for you: I used to clean my bosses wife’s Riley and always wanted to own one.  Took me a while but I bought this as scrap in 2017 and this is the finished article

It’s back to the ’30’s with David Benstead

Please find a few of pictures of my classic for the virtual show. Great idea during a difficult time!

1936 Chevy Master pick up hot rod.  This is an all steel hot rod featuring a 383 Stroker engine putting out around 400hp.  This makes the wee truck very quick off it’s mark.  When I bought the truck it was needing some TLC and over the last two years.
It has been totally refreshed mechanically and cosmetically.  The truck is now all ready for show season!

The Chairman has arrived – It’s Francis Fisher in his lovely MGB which has quite a story!

Name:   Francis Fisher

Make/Model/year ;       MG/B/1970

Special:  This little car was given to me by my recently deceased brother with the comment ‘well now, before you drink too much of my red wine again, would you like the MG?’ Somewhere in the conversation  he noted that I’d been hinting at having the car for years, but did I realise what a wreck it actually was?  It was and I did have an idea as many years before, I had owned a rather nice black 3 bearing B which had really impressed my girlfriend of the time.   That car didn’t stand up to too close an examination.  It did go well though right up to an indicated 104 mph on the flat, and clearly did not upset the lass as I’ve been very happily married to her now for more that forty years.  Anyway, back to the story;  the B had been holed up in my brother’s garage without turning a wheel for years having been attacked by the rust bug so common to MGBs, just how badly I was shortly to find out having snapped his hand off at the offer.  So, the B was duly delivered to my house at Boscombe Down in Wiltshire.  Here I removed all of its components and as repair of the bodyshell was outside my abilities and time available, it was handed to a local garage for refurbishment with the engine installed whilst I refurbished or replaced everything else.  The body was completely stripped and as I had this crazy idea that I wanted to keep the car as original as possible, rebuilt and re-painted.  So its a usable car, some way from concourse.  In retrospect, it would have been cheaper to re-body than rebuild, but here it is with its 1970 body and ‘something of a repaint from 1991’.  The colour is Jaguar British Racing Green (BRG), changed from the BRG in which it came to me.  It had originally been the rather ‘elegant’ yellow that was popular in the early 70s.

Since I put the car back on the road in the early 90s, it has had a few modifications, mostly in keeping with its age; a stiffer roll bar was first and then electronic ignition.  The original knock on wire wheels have been replaced by the alloys seen in the picture.  The seats are leather faced, the exhaust is stainless steel and it has parabolic rear springs and upgraded front disks and pads as wells as a slight tweek to the caster angle to cope with the larger wheels and wider tyres oh, and the hood is double duck.  But otherwise it remains a true to its origin and it will never be sold.  Why?  Because it saved my wife’s life all those years ago at Boscombe Down, so it is very special to both of us.

And our granddaughter loves it!

I hear the unmistakable sound of air cooled engines – Yet another of my favourites (I know, I know…)
Let’s see what John Jefford has brought.

Please find my entries for the above show:
A virtual Show allows me to exhibit both of my cars which is a first.

Porsche 911S Targa , 1971 , FLY167J. I acquired the car as a running wreck in 1986 and restored it over a 5 year period. It is a matching numbers example and was first registered in Frankfurt in February 1971. I have always loved the concept of air cooled engines and Porsche’s work is ,in my opinion ,the ultimate expression of this concept. Technically it was advanced for its time. My car has a capacity of 2.2 ltrs and a power output of 180 bhp. It has mechanical fuel injection courtesy of Bosch. In its time it had a 0-60 time of 6 seconds and a top speed of 144 mph. What’s not to love❤️

1967 VW 1200 Beetle KLJ953F. We bought the car new on 24 August 1967 at Modern Light Cars in Bournemouth at a cost of £625 on the road. This car has grown up with my family and as such is priceless. Performance is leisurely and lighting could be updated by fitting better candles. It has never been off the road and has had one respray after I polished the paint so much the  white undercoat showed through. When my wife and I first rode in it we had space between us. Now we find it difficult to close the doors. I reckon it’s shrunk. Our  Beetle is a family pet ?‍ and we wouldn’t part with it for the world.

Ron Vallance has arrived in something we don’t see too often these days:

Citroen BX 14 RE  first registered 1990.
Now a classic and increasingly scarce, only about 250 still registered in the UK .
It’s a beautiful looking car and drives beautifully  .
This car has character which drew me to it when I was looking for my classic .

There are no two ways about it – Robert Kerr’s car is Popular!

Your Name: Robert Kerr
Your Car Make / Model / Year: Ford Popular 1959
What makes it special for you: My car is special to me as it is a good example of the Ford Pop from the 1950s a car that was affordable to the working man, and has been beautifully restored by the previous owner.

I think I’m in love again – Look what David Lodge has parked up in:

Your Name: David Lodge
Your Car Make / Model / Year: Singer Le Mans – 1933
What makes it special for you: It is special to me because it has a fascinating history and I think it looks brilliant.

Willie Maitland has brought along this beaut.

1966 Morris Minor Van.  Bought it last year already restored, old chap i bought it from had done next to nothing with it, a few period extras fitted as you can see

Wow! Look what Pauline & Davie Quinn have rolled up in!

Renault Caravelle 1968
We loved this car as soon as we saw it, bought it from Bournemouth without seeing it. It had some bodywork issues which we have had sorted just getting it back yesterday in time for cars on the campus. It brings a smile to everyone we see it and is a joy to drive and is quite rare with not many of them about. Cant wait till lockdown is relaxed and we can get her out and enjoy her.

Pauline and Davie Quinn 

Listen to this driving in….  Tell us all about it John Horsburgh

Your Name:
John Horsburgh

Your Car Make / Model / Year:
Triumph / TR6 / 1974

What makes it special for you:
Having found the car in Memphis, Tennessee in 1976, I have endured the snubs from the Fuel Injected folk for all these years despite it been a head turner and rust free.
Late in 2019 I noticed on the TR Register web site a set of Weber 40 DCOE carbs and manifold for sale.
Its now ready to go for 2020 and a match for those PI chaps!

Ronnie Johnston is here in “Boris” the 1938 Morris 8 Two Seater.

We’ll tease you with this one as Ronnie has kindly written a #MyCarStory post for the website which was published on Monday !!

Anyone fancy an Italian Supercar?  Andy Tainish has brought one.

Your Name: Andy Tainsh
Your Car Make / Model / Year: Maserati 4200 GT (Manual transmission) 2003
What makes it special for you: This car is a little bit unique, as at some point in the past, it has been fitted with a front nosecone and rear diffuser from a later Maserati Grandsport. 

I have owned this car since 2013 and in the main it has been completely reliable. Apart from fluid changes, I have only changed the thermostat and sorted out weeping  valve covers. I do all my own maintenance, and there is nothing that the average ‘do it yourself’ mechanic should be afraid of. Should you be considering one of these performance bargains I would say go for it, particularly if you can get a manual car.

Here comes the first chap I spoke to when I joined the club – Yes I have straightened my numberplate now Malcolm Dewhurst 😉

Your Name:
Malcolm Dewhurst

Your Car Make / Model / Year:
MGB Roadster 1968

What makes it special for you:
This car is very special as it was a wreck when I first took on the job of restoring it which took approximately 15 years as I was working at the time and had very little home time as I was in the catering business for ICI and worked most evenings doing overtime. Every nut and bolt has been on and off at least twice until correct! Eventually we (that is Caroline and myself) have had many a holiday travelling all around Europe and the British Isles with much enjoyment.

Two from Tony Penman now – Another one taking advantage of the ‘virtual show’ to ‘drive’ more than one car!

Your Car Make / Model / Year:  Mk1 MGB Roadster

What makes it special for you:  I always wanted an MGB and having found this one for sale in Corby, buying it turned into a road trip with my youngest son to go and collect it.  It has become our ‘thing to do’ much like my old Spitfire was for me and my Dad.

Your Car Make / Model / Year:  1990 Toyota MR2 Mk2 Turbo (Japanese Import)

What makes it special for you:  The car I really wanted when I passed my test but both my bank manager and insurance broker laughed at me ;). I always wanted a Rev 1 or Rev 2 as I preferred the look (this is a Rev1), I wanted a yellow one and GT Spec with the T Bar and wouldn’t it be great if it was a Turbo version from Japan;  When this came up I just had to have it so another road trip, to Wales and this time with my eldest son ensued and we brought it home!

Ivor Wells has brought us a bit of a rarity from the turn of the millenium

Your Name:  Ivor Wells
Your Car Make / Model / Year:  2000 Ford Millenium Puma
What makes it special for you:  Only one in Scotland

You can’t have too many Mustangs at a show Tom Waddell can you?

Your Name: Tom Waddell
Your Car Make / Model / Year: Ford Mustang  GT 35th anniversary  1999
What makes it special for you: First American car owned nice original anniversary with all original special edition extras

Norrie Mungin is joining us today – Great little car he’s in!

Norrie Mungin – MGOC Glasgow
MG TF 115  SN05 OTF
Brilliant fun to drive with the hood down on a club run

Ian MacGee next in one of the most popular classics ever these days!
Definitely one of the coolest

Ian MacGee
1978 VW Baywindow
This van is special to me because everywhere I go in it, people wave and smile. It makes them, and me, happy.

A treat for Fast Ford Fans everywhere – Ryan Govan has parked up in this peach!

Ryan Govan  – Ford Fiesta RS Turbo (1990) H802LJO

Theres only 150 Ford Fiesta RS Turbos left on the road. Mine is fully original. Having always wanted one of these cars I managed to purchase this one last year and have worked on it to restore to the condition you see today. 

As promised on Saturday, here are all the pics of this wee cracker!

Next up is a trio of cars from Christopher Chambers – Guess what? I’m in love again! (Quick fact for guitar fans – Hank Marvin’s original Strat was the exact colour of this car!!)

Your Car Make / Model / Year: 1957 Ford Thunderbird

What makes it special for you: The 1957 Ford Thunderbird was the last year of the 2 seat configuration before they changed to 4 seats in 1958. This car is just so iconic and in the US even today the car is instantly recognisable by car lovers all over. I think the design and the creativity used on this car gives us a very accurate picture of the untold confidence and positivity in 50’s America.

Your Car Make / Model / Year: 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe

What makes it special for you: The car is completely original and is a fantastic turn key driver, it has no rust and for being 70 years old it keeps up with modern day traffic with absolute ease. The way it drives and the condition the car is still in is a testament to the skill of the labour and the quality of materials that were utilised in immediate post war America.

Your Car Make / Model / Year: 1973 Cadillac Sedan Deville

What makes it special for you: This car has one previous owner from Seattle before me, it has been extremely well looked after its whole life and remains original with a 7.6 liter V8 that effortlessly cruises on the motorway and makes light of any potholes on the roads that cause our modern cars so many issues. It’s remarkable that it came equipped with Cruise control, climate control, automatic locking trunk, automatic door locks and even a light on the dash to tell you if your seat belt is fastened or not! How far have we actually come in terms of technology in the last 47 years I wonder?! The car played a pivotal role at my sisters wedding ferrying 4 bridesmaids to and from the church and took almost as much attention on the day as the bride herself!

We’re glad you added ‘almost’ there Chris!

Robert Crawford has brought the star of a recent #MyCarStory for your enjoyment.

Here’s my entry
1964 SAAB GT850

This is one of only two GT850s on the UK roads and is the US version of the SAAB Sport. My father bought a SAAB new in 1964 from George Stewart of Cambuslea Garage who later sold me a 1965 version in 1968 and I sold it in 1971.

This car came to me from its second owner, a former SAAB dealer from Churchville, New York, who had kept it in lovely unrestored condition for 48 years. I bought it along with spares including a brand new factory-supplied replacement engine with a Lifetime Warranty! Still unused, never having been fitted to a car, the engine sits today on a display stand which is the original factory shipping crate. It retains its Warranty tag attached by wire and seal at the factory together with the return coupons should the dealer wish to treat it as an exchange engine. This is the only known engine of its type in such original, unused, unmounted condition.

Robert Murdoch has brought along this slice of motoring luxury – A real executive ride!

Enclosed pictures of my Rover 2000s, which I bought in June last year with 60,000mls on the clock. The car was registered in Bournmouth in 1972 and approx 15 years ago ended up in Belfast, and came to Scotland 3 Years ago. It has a very comprehensive history file (From owner in Belfast). In the 60’s this was my fathers dream car and now I have one, but unfortunately my father died in 1967 and so cannot appreciate that their is now one in the family. car is in A1 Condition with electronic ignition so starts & runs well.

Kevin McAdam has brought along the famous ‘Wedge’ (and we’re sure he’s right!)

Your Name: Kevin McAdam
Your Car Make / Model / Year: 1983 Austin Ambassador 2.0 litre Van Den Plas
What makes it special for you: It’ll be the only one at the show!

Here’s a real ‘1 of’ – Why so serious Mark Lumsden?

Your Name: Mark Lumsden
Your Car Make / Model / Year: Vauxhall Omega Hearse 1999
What makes it special for you: I’ve always been a fan of hearses. Lot of people don’t appreciate the work and time involved in the conservation. Saved this car from the crusher and modified over the years to give a new look

We do Mark – It’s dead on 😉

Gordon Stirling came along in this perennial favourite:

Your Name:  Gordon Stirling
Your Car Make / Model / Year:  Rover Mini City E 1990
What makes it special for you:  I have loved the mini since I saw an old video of the Italian job at my grandads house when I was 3 years old and it’s my first classic car

Modern Classic on the way – Tell us about it James Scott:

Your Name: James Scott
Your Car Make / Model / Year: Vauxhall VX220  2002
What makes it special for you: Great to drive and fairly rare nowadays but mostly the fact that my collie dog Jess loves it!  Here are some pictures of Jess making the most of the great weather and the fact that I am confined to the house and she isn’t!!

John Malcom has run off home and brought back another car!

RMB Gentry / MG TF / 1965: Based on 1250 Triumph Herald.
Concours condition and a delight to drive except with the hood up where I had to crouch, so it had to go to a smaller person I’m afraid.

Proving it isn’t all about performance, here’s a really popular car at shows, and a cracking example brought along by Colin Mann!

Austin A40 Farina MK2
0-60mph in a fortnight
Purchased for £250 in 1990 and the restoration was finished in 1992
Recommissioned 3yrs ago after being laid up for approx 15 yrs.
We now get a lot of pleasure just using it, especially doing my niece’s prom last year.

Proving that sometimes it is all about performance, Here’s the effervescent Paul Meehan with his Lambo ?

Your Name: Paul Meehan

Your Car Make / Model / Year: Lamborghini / Huracan Spyder / 2017 Model

What makes it special for you: Very quiet , low key and understated ……….
…. just like me ??

Joe Grieve brings us the hot hatch that started it all – what a version he has!

Your Name:  Joe Grieve
Your Car Make / Model / Year:  Volkswagen Golf GTI Rivage 1992 (K)
What makes it special for you:  I owned a Mk1 Golf GTI Campaign 30 years ago and being my first car you can image it was obviously the best I ever had.
I always wanted to own another and have always admired the rivage. This car has been a labour of love over the past 3 years as I’ve carried out all mechanic work myself. The car has also been resprayed in its original colour classic blue.
Not finished yet but getting close!
Kind Regards

Jim Black bringing a modern replacement for a previous Classic:

Your Name: Jim Black
Your Car Make / Model / Year:  Mercedes SL320 1995
What makes it special for you:  It’s more reliable than the Triumph TR6 it replaced

Isn’t breaking down half the fun Jim? No?

Now it’s the turn of a ‘Local Legend’ brought by Andrew Martin (Linwood isn’t that far away!)

Andrew Martin,
Sunbeam Rapier ‘fastback’.
I have owed this car for 15 years and my wife and i have enjoyed many shows ,drives out and even a holiday with this lovely car. I have admired the shape and style of the Rapier fastback since childhood but never thought I would own one. Only once in 15 years has the car let us down so here’s a nod to Linwood where she was born.

Bill Cochrane has brought along two Classics for your enjoyment today! ?

Hi, can I please enter two cars into your virtual show? (YES!!)
Your Name: Bill Cochrane
Your Car Make / Model / Year: Austin Healey / 3000 Mk 3 / 1965
What makes it special for you: I have owned the car for over 20 years.

Make / Model / Year: Auburn / Boattail Speedster / 1936
What makes it special to me: I purchased the car while working in the USA and imported it to the UK

Douglas Taylor is here again parking up some crackers (including my all time favourite classic!)

Your Name: Douglas J Taylor
Your Car Make / Model / Year: Several, Jaguar Series 111 E Type 1973, MG TC 1948, MGF 1997, Jaguar XJS 1994, Aston Martin 2 litre 1937, Aston Martin DB7 2002, Daimler Super V8 2001, Bentley Arnage 2001, and my friend Vauxhall Cresta 1958.
What makes it special for you: They are ALL special, especially keeping them in great condition to pass on to their next owners.
I know there are several cars, I own them all except the Vauxhall. I though more the merrier. It is a great idea in this period of shutdown, and the thought of not driving them in the summer is not pleasant.
I hope these can be added to your virtual show.

Archie Houliston is here with the one the kids all love to see at a show!

Hi folks ,
Archie Houliston
Scania 82m , Water Ladder Tender(WtL ) 1988

Have put couple of photos on here , we’ve had lots of fun with her at events
over years ,all in working order and we pump water at some events ,Vehicle is
nearly 32 years young ,ex Strathclyde Fire Brigade based in Inverclyde area for
most of service .( 1989. Till 2004 )
Hope everyone keeps safe and well.
Best wishes and thanks for inviting me to join in the virtual event .
Regards Archie

Pleasure to have you here Archie – Thanks for displaying!

Anyone for another ‘Fast Ford’?
Thought so! – Here’s Gordon Murray with a beaut.

Your Name: Gordon Murray
Your Car Make / Model / Year:
Ford / Focus Mk1 RS / 2003
What makes it special for you:
Always been a Ford man, as far back as I can remember and I have had many over the years. As the replacement for the mighty Escort Cosworth, the Mk1 Focus RS had a lot to live up to and was perhaps under rated when it arrived.
For me it’s the last of the proper Fords. It’s a drivers car and it ticks all the boxes. It gives me the grin factor every time I look at it and even more so when driving it.

You can never have too many of these in my, rather biased, opinion 😉 – Joe O’Brien agrees!

Your Name: Joe O’Brien
Your Car Make / Model / Year: MGB Roadster 1973
What makes it special for you: Just love tinkering with it and getting the hood down and going for country drives

Isn’t it amazing how few of certain car you remember are left?
Look at this one from David Young!!

David Young
Vauxhall Cavalier convertible automatic 1986
1 of only 6 autos still registerd as on the road according to DVLA

Some more Modern Muscle from Shaun Black!

Your Name: Shaun Black
Your Car Make / Model / Year: Ford Mustang 2016
What makes it special for you: Its personality. it’s the only car I’ve owned that has seemed to have one as unique as this. The nostalgia , The heritage, The old fashioned V8 in a modern daily shell.

Another Lovely ‘B’ from Bill McIntosh!

Your Name: Bill McIntosh
Your Car Make / Model / Year: MGB Roadster April 1972
What makes it special for you: The sheer pleasure of owning and driving a true British classic 🙂

No argument from us on that Bill !

Last few parking up now – Ronnie Russell has brought two along and Paul Cuthbert has arrived in our first 2 wheel offering of the day!:

Ronnie Russell 2007 Jaguar XK 4.2 Litre
Ronnie Russell 1989 Lotus Excel SE 2.2 Litre
Lol 125 one of colour and modded

That’s everyone parked up for you to judge!
The peoples choice was simply the photo with the most likes before 10:00pm on Sunday night
We’ll be back with the results in part 3 after another cuppa!

In the meantime, as promised, heres something to keep the kids (and the big kids) entertained during the lockdown.
Parts supplier MOSS EUROPE have made some rather cool ‘fold your own’ paper cars available which you can download for free from their website.
There are 8 to choose from.
We’d love to see your best efforts!…

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