Virtual Cars on the Campus 2020  –  Show Report & Winners (Pt.3)

Virtual Cars on the Campus 2020  –  Show Report & Winners (Pt.3)
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Thanks to everyone who dropped by our virtual show on Sunday 3rd May – We hope you enjoyed it and grateful thanks to the members and guests alike who took the time to ‘bring their vehicles to our page / website for everyones enjoyment.

We closed the voting at 10:00pm as we said we would and took note of the ‘likes’ at that point. There had been a late flurry of votes since 10:00pm but in the best tradition of those Saturday night TV shows, the votes didn’t count after the deadline!

The three top cars today as voted for you the public are:

In Third place – Christopher Chambers Gorgeous 1957 Ford Thunderbird !!! ???

In Second Place – Christopher Chambers Beautiful 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe ???

And in First Place, Our ‘Peoples Car of the Show’ is Pauline and Davie Quinn’s Unique 1968 Renault Caravelle ???

Although this ‘Virtual Show’ was just for fun and a bit of relief from the virus worry for everyone, we’ve decided that some prizes are in order for both the owners of the fine vehicles above, so with the compliments of the committee and my thanks for taking the time to share your fine vehicles with us today, will Pauline and Davie Quinn & Christopher Chambers please accept free membership of Ayrshire Classics Car Club for 2020 thru Feb 2021 – here’s hoping we all get together in the latter half of the year!

Two more prizes to hand out!  We also said we would announce the ‘Best Photograph’ and ‘Best Story’ awards.

What a choice that was – There were some great images of everyones cars and the stories of why they are so special to you are fabulous.  It’s such an emotive hobby and the attachment between owners and their cars is obvious.
So without further ado!

Best Photograph
This gorgeous shot of a classic MGB Roadster enjoying the hills & countryside we all long to be back out enjoying captured the enjoyment of our shared hobby perfectly for us – Thank you & congratulations to John McIlhagger!

Best Story
I’ve chosen two ‘Best Stories’ as to me they capture the mood of what we were trying to achieve with ‘Virtual CotC’ and the draw of classic & retro car ownership to those who enjoy the hobby and enjoy sharing their pride and joy with everyone who attends the various shows we hope to return to in the future and indeed anyone who smiles and waves as we pass on the road.

Congratulations to John Ferrier who told the story of a car the same age as our NHS as a tribute to their work & dedication in the face of this terrible virus whilst giving us a flavour of the history of his Morris 8 Series E 4 Door Saloon – a car that has been the length of the country and in pieces at some points but now 72 years after it was built and with only 29,000 miles on the clock is a tribute not only to the NHS but it’s owner too.

Congratulations also to Francis Fisher, our very own Chairman (who I daresay won’t be best pleased to be noted) who summed up for me in the story of his MGB, what our vehicles can come to mean to us – what starts as an interest in a nice piece of machinery evolves into cherishing something that creates shared memories and experiences and can become a real part of the family, something to connect us to the past and pass on into the future with a rich history.

Both will receive free entry into our next ‘Cars on the Campus’ which we hope will be physical, not virtual!

Congratulations to all our entrants on your vehicles & thanks for sharing the joy of ownership with everyone and hopefully alleviating the lockdown boredom with us today!



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