Filling up that 2020 ‘Lockdown time’ (Pt. 1)

How is the ‘2020 Lockdown’ going for you?

For some the enforced time at home is allowing us to tackle those restoration tasks or small jobs on the cars.  Maybe you are using the time to pursue the other hobbies you have?

Some of us will be getting to the point where boredom / frustration / loneliness is rearing its head and we will be looking for something else to do.

We thought we’d put together a short post with some words on what everyone is up to and some online resources that you might be interested in to help pass the time till we can get together again.


What our Members are doing

Long standing member Reg Donald got in touch to let us know what he’s been up to during lock down and he tells us a job that’s been outstanding for quite a while has now been completed.

Reg tells us that he’s been in his current house for the last 40 years and has always promised himself he’d get round to doing the garage.

It’s finally done!

He’s painted it, had a fancy new German door installed and treated the cars to a new floor.

It’s one of these gorgeous resin jobs and as I’m sure you’ll agree, it looks fabulous!

It should be nice and easy to clean should one of the cars decide to ‘mark its territory’ 😉

Francis Fisher has spent his time enjoying the rather nice weather we have had and exploring the nearby outdoors during the prescribed exercise periods.

The Chairman took the opportunity to not only reconnect with the outdoors and ‘stop and smell the flowers’ as we should all do from time to time, but also to reconnect with another hobby of his – photography.

Above are a couple of pictures that confirm this is indeed time well spent and that his eye for a shot remains undiminished.

Francis writes:

“The bee really is as big as it looks, I think that it was saying nah nah nah and sticking out its tongue.  Did you know that there are 19 types of bees to be seen in UK gardens? 

I counted 5 brands here.  They are quite difficult to photograph though.

Keep safe folks”

The effervescent Paul Meechan wanted to take the opportunity to do a little work in the community whilst he was ‘stuck on the ground’

Paul writes:

“Rather than just hide away, I wanted to try and do my tiny wee bit and help those less fortunate in these incredibly difficult times.

The 10:10 Trust supports vulnerable Families and Children – often the ONLY GOOD MEAL they ever get is that Free School Meal .
Obviously during Lockdown there is NO School and subsequently NO vital, daily meal.
The 10:10 Trust is trying to replace that vital supply to vulnerable families and individuals, such that , would you believe, we are supplying 1100 Meals a Day in the Ayrshire Area!
I am whizzing about doing everything from picking up milk, in the morning, from Corton Farm (most of you will know the lovely Coo Shed Tearoom) that supplies Milk at Reduced Price and delivering it to our Central Hub at Castlehill Church Hall, where the Meal Packs are made-up. 
I then deliver some of said Meals to Girvan, to Milestone Church, from where distribution is organised.
To help fund all these Meals, members of the fabulous Public can order beautiful Home Made Pizza’s on the 10:10 Trust Facebook Page, for Free Delivery on Friday Nights – all those profits go towards our “Meal Packs” – we delivered 164 Pizza’s , last Friday.
So meet the Express Pizza Delivery Boy ………. ?”
The fastest Pizza Delivery in the West I’d wager 😉 – Click the links above if you fancy a sneaky pizza with a clear conscience !!

Andrew Gorrie has been in touch saying “I’ve been busy installing the weather gear hood and frame plus luggage area cover on my GBS Zero.
I started the job when the weather was warmer and I could confidently stretch the vinyl material over the frame. Patience was essential as I marked off then drilled and fixed the press studs a few at a time to ensure as tight a fit as possible.
The hood seams being miles off symmetrical didn’t help matters but overall quite happy with the outcome.
Just need the frame powder coated now and a wee tidy up to finish it.
Engine also being upgraded with help from a certain esteemed carb tuner, based at Hurlford, from the club.
Looking forward to some normality and some driving….
That’s the devils own job Andrew, but you’ve nailed it !

Club Secretary Ronnie Johnston tells us that “The Roadster has been on the naughty step for the past couple of months with a charging problem.
This proved very difficult to resolve and eventually proved to be TWO intermittent faults as well as a dry joint.
Lucas fault finding instructions require access to the connections at the rear of the dynamo and this is well nigh impossible as it sits below the exhaust manifold.
To get round this I set up a jig on the lathe which, in spite of its Heath Robinson appearance, eventually helped me sort the problem.
I thought members might like to see the arrangement.
I have to say I love this – It reminds me very much of my Dad’s shed and my Uncles Garage back in the early 70’s where solutions to problems had to be found with what you had to hand and what you knew.

John Malcolm writes: “Lockdown for 3 months and the need for a car has dissolved to zero.
Straight away, I put our Mercedes SL550, Honda CR-V and Honda Deauville NT650V motorcycle on SORN. I also let the insurance lapse.
That left us with the Rover 75 diesel tourer and Honda CX650C motorcycle, the latter which hasn’t turned a wheel since a 1,000 mile tour to the Outer Hebrides in 2018.
We usually launch our Maxum 1800MR speedboat at the end of March.  It has had little use over the past 2 years due to unsuitable weather and now we’ve had all this stunning weather and it’s still in storage.
Just after lockdown started, I had to get the clutch and slave cylinder changed on the Rover.  At the same time, I had an oil leak fixed and a front hub changed to sort an ABS problem, as the magnet in the bearing was damaged.
Following that, the OS rear caliper started to seize up, so I renewed that.  3 months on and the clutch pedal has gone to the floor.  Not to worry, as I taxed the Deauville in June.  My wife hasn’t driven in 3 months and the Rover has been out 4 times.  Everything is delivered nowadays.
I have been working on the Mercedes and fitted new straight through rear silencers with quad tail pipes, so I can hear the engine revs to aid paddle shifting. 
I also renewed the brake calipers and pads and had it ready to put back on the road in July, as our main car for the remainder of the summer.  But, ah no; I found a puddle of green oil from a hydraulic pipe union, which is a dealership job due to the high pressure involved in the suspension system.  Ugh.  Just found that the bike has a flat rear tyre!  Now zero transport.
Other than that, our lifestyle has changed for the better with lots of cycling and walking.  We have the coastline and the hills on our doorstep to ourselves and fitness has improved and the garden and house are completely finished and we can turn our attention to the interior decor as we now head to shorter wet days.
We have friends that have had the virus but none were really bad.  Close relations have had ups and downs with a sudden death, and stroke and a bad cycling accident but the great weather has been a massive benefit to us.
Can’t wait to get in the SL and drive to visit family and relatives.  We were meant to be taking it to northern Spain in June.  Our hillwalking and sailing holidays were cancelled and we’re selling the boat. 
All in all, it’s been a fine time but we’re keen to return to some form of normality like most folk.  Single friends have been hardest hit and I have set up regular 1 hour videocalls to replace what would have been meetings with friends and family.
Hopefully members will have come off as unscathed as us and we look forward, especially to car shows and runs with them again.  Hoping you are all well and coping.
John Malcolm

Liz Free & John ‘Rusty’ Ralston have been in touch to say they’ve been hard at work and their current project is almost finished!
“Been bizzy in the VW Beetle – She’ll be on the road soon. We’ve just got the brakes to do.
Liz and Rusty
Stay Safe x”
Can’t wait to see this on the road – Who doesn’t love a Bug?

Ken Gordon
has a great line up of classics to show us (and he’s done all the bodywork himself!)

“Here is a selection of the cut-out model cars I downloaded from our virtual “Cars on the Campus” show. They have kept me busy on the rainy days.
Great idea Tony.


6 of the best Ken ! – Don’t take them out in the rain though….

Tony Penman
has a little update that sums up what our Club is all about.

“As you may have noticed from the email, I had a little success with the MGB…
I’ve been working throughout ‘Lockdown’, initially from home but recently back out in the big bad world, so what time I’ve had spare I’ve spent attempting to solve the rough running of the MGB – It seems that I’m the problem!
I assumed the issue would be related to the Carb I rebuilt and it turned out to be related to the one I didn’t…..
Maybe I should learn to trust my work 😉

I now have most of the parts I need to do the Overdrive conversion and have had some great help from fellow Club Members – I had a very welcome ‘Socially Distanced’ visit from Dave Lodge who also owns a 1966 MGB Roadster and was a great help in working out the layout of the vacuum switches for the overdrive.  We even managed to talk through some of the issues he was experiencing with his ‘B’ – hopefully we’ll both be back on the road soon!

Club Treasurer John McSpadyen was also in touch with me, asking how the rebuild of the Spitfire engine was going (‘very slowly John’ was the answer) and incredibly kindly, offering the use of some tools to get the task moving. Very much appreciated and both Gents epitomising the spirit of ACCC for me.

The rest of my spare time has been spent playing with a new toy – a Brian May Limited Red Special in Natural finish.

Adam got one of these from Santa last year and I liked it so much, I treated myself to one as well (I got a different finish so it’s not exactly the same as his).

It’s a bit of a change for me as I’m very much a Fender guy but I was incredibly surprised to see just how versatile these instruments are.

The original was built by Brian May and his Father before Queen existed and the story of it is a great example of British ingenuity and engineering.

For my part, I just need to convince my hands to do what they could do 30 years ago now…..”

We’ll have ‘Part Two’ of this update tomorrow and bring you, as promised, some web resources to help while away the hours till we can take to the roads again!


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