Filling up that 2020 ‘Lockdown Time’ (Pt.2)

We all know that the web is a great resource for car enthusiasts of all genres but where’s a good place to start?

We thought we’d make a short list of 10 web resources that you may find useful or entertaining to get you started – If you know of any good ones we’ve missed please let us know by commenting below this article or emailing the club in the usual way!

Just click on the graphic to the left of the description to visit the websites.

The website of the Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation has benefited from a recent redesign and looks much more modern and readable – Well worth a visit even if it is just to see which shows are cancelled.

Although the Riverside Museum is currently closed due to Covid-19, this microsite gives a great flavour of what you can expect when it re-opens in the very near future.  Some nice photo galleries to enjoy!

Members who attended the NEC Classic a couple of Novembers ago will remember meeting Paul Clappison, the owner of a rather lovely Snowberry White MGBGT – This is his local club and the site is well worth a wee visit!

The National Trust for Scotland is the custodian of many wonderful sites central to our national heritage and has suffered badly during the current crisis as it relies heavily on visitors and donations. Visit and learn all about their work.

We can’t yet jump in the car and enjoy this gem of a route but when government advice changes and holidaying in our own wonderful country becomes an option, this is surely on a few ‘bucket lists’ – A very informative website!

If you fancy something shorter, closer to home but every bit as enjoyable, The South West Costal 300 is sure to fit the bill.  The same caveats regarding current Covid advice apply but we may soon be able to enjoy this gem.

Who looks after the interests of those who enjoy our hobby?  It’s the FBHVC!  This is the body who lobby on our behalf, created ‘Drive it Day’ and generally do good work on behalf of us all.  A very interesting website.

This YouTube channel, Elin Yakov’s Rusty Beauties covers the rebuild & restorations of some classic British sports cars.  There are a good number of similar ‘channels’ on YouTube which are well worth seeking out!

Whilst we’re on the subject of YouTube Channels we might as well plug our own!  You’ll find a few club videos here and hopefully it won’t be long until we have the chance to add to the list

Have you ever wondered if a vehicle you previously owned is still on the road?  

This handy resource could give you the answer – if you can remember the registration number.

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