August Virtual Meeting – Coming out of Lockdown?

‘Coming out of Lockdown?’

Hi all,

A quick reminder that this Thursday (13th of August) will see our next ‘Virtual’ Club Meeting @ 8:00pm, right here on the website!

We’re getting close to coming out of Lockdown and how it used to be (sort of) with a show on the horizon (Kames), so the chat is sure to be on how we do that moving forward.

These meetings have been pretty ‘freeform’ and for those of you who haven’t been on one yet, it’s generally around 90 mins of chat & banter, mostly about cars.  We always leave the transcript up for members to look back at if they couldn’t make the meeting and it’s on ‘display’ until just before the next meeting starts.

To view it, just log in with your username & password, then click on ‘Virtual Club Meeting’ at the top right of our homepage.

If you want a refresher on how to join, just click ‘HERE’.

On the subject of ‘How it used to be’, I came across a great little video on YouTube that you might enjoy of a chap hitch-hiking through Somerset in 1966 that you might enjoy – some cracking period classics to be seen!


See you on Thursday!



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