August Afterthoughts

Covid 19 Restrictions:

The Govt guidance on the measures needed to contain C-19 is pretty clear:

No more than 15 people can meet outdoors, and they cannot be from more than 5 different households. Two metre distancing from people in households other than your own must be maintained. A maximum of 8 people, from up to 3 different households can meet indoors Physical distancing guidance and hygiene rules must be followed. Mass gatherings will not be permitted for some time.

Until these constraints are amended, which may be as soon as next week, it means that we can not organise face to face meetings or group events. We fully accept that the opening of pubs and restaurants as well as the removal of the travel restrictions could be interpreted as contradicting that advice.

However the upswing of the infection rates across the country suggests that it would not only be unwise to go against the advice given but could bring the Club into disrepute.

It follows that the advertised Club run will not take place until it is safe to do so.

We have been looking at alternative meeting venue to tide us over until we can go back indoors and we will provide more detail when it looks as if we can at last have a meeting.

Meanwhile, would you be interested in a neck protector come snood that can be pulled up over your mouth and nose?

The image shows a camouflage version worn ‘down’ so to speak. The intention is to have a plain colour with the Club logo emblazoned thereon so that if you decide to wear it when robbing a bank, you can be traced!!! OK, I’m being silly there. Im hoping that you will be able to choose your colour.

  • The specification is: 100% Polyester – Microfibre. Breathable fabric. Seam free for comfort. Machine washable/non iron Multi-purpose use. Dimensions: 50 x 25 cm. Weight: 32g.

It should cost less than £10 (I’m awaiting another quote and illustration) but in the meantime if you would like one or more of these would you please let me know so that I can get an order in for them.

Do take care.

Best Regards


07 Aug 20

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