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October Holidays!

As we approach the time of year when the clocks go back, we thought we’d round up some of the club news, news in the Vintage, Classic, Retro & Modern car world for you as well as ask what kind of content you want to see over the fast approaching winter months!


FBHVC Survey deadline is today (12th October) 

You’ll remember we posted this a while back and members should have seen this in their monthly newsletter (If you are a member and don’t get the newsletter, please get in touch by clicking ‘HERE’)

The FBHVC survey feeds into the international one run by FIVA (That survey runs till 31st October) – The data is used to lobby both nationally and internationally on behalf of our hobby and is run every 5-6 years.  

You can access both surveys via the links below:

FBHVC Survey

FIVA Survey


Affiliation to the FBHVC

Thanks to everyone who has already voted on the proposal for the club to join the FBHVC.

If you haven’t already voted, there is still time – we will close the polls on October 25th and announce the result in the November Newsletter and here on the site.
The link to vote is via our monthly newsletter so we can ensure it’s the members voice that is heard.


Show & Meeting Cancellations

We’re pretty sure you will have noticed that the few remaining shows of 2020 have been cancelled, sadly including the ‘end of season extravaganza’ that is the NEC Classic…
With the new ‘October Lockdown’ measures in place, that will include our monthly meetings for the foreseeable and as Francis mentioned in the newsletter, we might well be looking at the the AGM before our next physical ‘meet’ – So what does everyone want to see the club do in the meantime?

We’ll try to keep the articles / newsletters coming, but there are options for virtual get-togethers using things like ‘Zoom’, ‘Teams’, or even our own ‘Virtual Meeting Room’ on the website.  Get in touch and let us know what, if anything, you want us to be doing – log in and comment below or click ‘HERE’ to email the committee.


Restore, Modify or Retain?

It’s the age old question for car folks – should your car be kept as the designer & manufacturer intended, modified to suit your tastes and the times we are now in or restored to ‘as new’ condition?

That’s not an argument we’re getting into as most of us will have a slightly different opinion and anyway, it’s your vehicle!
We did notice an article in Classic Car Weekly which caught our attention, concerning a product that made sense to mention – The Retronics Hazard Light unit.

Hazard lights did not become mandatory for vehicles until April 1986 but were generally a factory option from the mid to late 60’s and kits were available to retrofit from around that time too.  If they are fitted to a pre-1986 vehicle, they must be operational to pass an MOT test. 

Let’s be honest, The chances that they’ll be needed due to breakdown on a Classic or Retro vehicle are reasonably high….
Click on the link above for more info if this sounds like a winter project you want to take on!


Don Hayter – RIP

Those followers of the octagonal MG badge will surely know who Don Hayter was.

MG’s last Chief Engineer, died Friday, October 9, Hayter played a major role in the design of the MGB, which went on to become the best-selling MG sports car of all time. 

Hayter came to MG from Aston Martin in 1956, at which point he was named the company’s Chief Body Draughtsman. There, he worked on the MGA Twin Cam, but soon started working on the MGB. The MGB was a state-of-the-art design for 1962, when it debuted. It was a unibody car as opposed to body-on-frame, and it was one of the first cars to feature crumple zones that would protect the passenger compartment in collisions under 30 mph.

Hayter was later appointed Chief Engineer of MG in 1973, where he stayed until MG’s Abingdon facility was closed in 1980.
He went on to use his design skills as an engineer for Nuffield Orthopedic, where he designed mobility products for the disabled.


Yearbooks in 2021

Are we tempting fate by mentioning this?  We do hope not but we look forward to having some shows / events in 2021.  How do we know what’s on?  Every paid-up member of Ayrshire Classics will receive the SVVC Yearbook via the post in late Jan / early Feb 2021 (If you’re unsure if you have paid your membership for this year, contact the Membership Secretary by clicking ‘HERE’)

This publication covers shows and events in Scotland, but if you wish to travel further afield then you could do worse than buy a copy of the ‘Morgans Historic & Classic Vehicle Events Yearbook’ which covers events in the whole of the UK – For more info, click the link above.


Getting your vehicle ready for winter

We always produce an article covering best practice for time of year but rather than just rehash last years advice, we prefer to get a fresh view, so does anyone want to give us the benefit of their wisdom this year?
Get in touch if you want to either produce or contribute to this years advice on Winterising / Storage of your pride and joy! – Just click ‘HERE’ to get in touch.



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