Turning Tide – Award winning short film

Turning Tide

Over the years we’ve been delighted to put our members and their vehicles in touch with various events organisers who need a vehicle from a specific era or one to match a theme – everything from ‘James Bond-esq’ vehicles to ‘Americana’ and back through the years for period vehicles from the early 20’s right up till the 2000’s – One of our members cars even appeared in the remake of ‘Whiskey Galore’ (It was to be driven by John Sessions who cant drive!  The car and JS were loaded onto a trailer which was towed on the set with a most realistic result.) 

We’ve passed on the details of opportunities beyond our own members and into the wider car community too – It’s all part of sharing and promoting our hobby and providing opportunities for those who enjoy it.

We can’t say we’ve ever ended up appearing on the credits for an award winning local short film though – until now!

Believe us, the credit is not ours – It belongs to two local lads, Andrew Muir & David Ross, who filmed and produced this short epic which was shot on location in Troon. Take time to enjoy the fabulous ‘Turning Tide’ & the companion ‘Making of’ film.

It’s simply fabulous!

Isn’t it strange how these things come around?

We were recently contacted by the son of a previous owner of the 1935 Morris (CVX 411), which appears in this film, looking for info on the vehicle which it turned out his late father had owned for almost 40 years!

Don’t cars hold so many memories for us all?


You can learn all about the film and its making by clicking ‘HERE’

You can view ‘Turning Tide’ courtesy of ‘Omeleto’ below:

You can view the ‘Making Of’ film courtesy of ‘YouTube’ below:


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