Lancaster Insurance ‘Car of the Month’ – Nov 2020

And it turns out that it’s a vehicle that might be familiar to a good number of you!

We opened the November e-newsletter from Lancaster Insurance earlier this week (Main sponsors of the NEC Classic Car Show and indeed the ‘Online’ version of it which is on the 14th of this month) only to be met with a photograph of a rather familiar car.

Their ‘Car of the Month’ was none other than Tony’s Mk2 MR2.

We share the link to the article on their website ‘HERE’ – Not only can you read their short article on the vehicle but because there are many more to accompany it if you fancy a browse to while away the lockdown hours!

They are also a rather fine insurance brokers should you need such a thing for your car of choice. (in the interests of balance, other insurance companies are available etc.)

The Club even get a mention at the end of the article!  Great to see us getting national coverage 😉

We hear that Tony got a rather nice gift in the post from competition sponsors Meguairs in the post.  

He’ll be praying for the weather to ‘test drive’ it (and we await the review!)

Well done that car!

(and driver of course!)





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