Guest Writer coming to Ayrshire Classics !

That’s right – we have an article coming up from a guest writer that a number of us know!

You may remember a few years ago at the NEC Classic Car Show in Birmingham, a few of us got talking to the owner of a 1972 MGB GT who was displaying his car in the ‘Pride of Ownership’ section for the first time.

That was Paul Clappison and it turned out he was staying in the same hotel as some of our number!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Paul & his chariot won and we’ve bumped into him at subsequent shows and kept in touch since then.

When we approached Paul to ask if he would contribute an article for the site as we move towards winter, he kindly agreed and mentioned that he actually had an article going into print very shortly.

For any MG enthusiasts out there, in the December issue of the MG Enthusiast Magazine (available from the 6th of November), Paul will be ‘detailing’ how he got his car into Trophy Winning condition and given that Meguiar’s invited him back the following year to their stand, you know it’s going to well worth reading!

We look forward to reading Paul’s article next week and actually catching up with him in person when travelling to a show becomes a thing again.

Incidentally, for the Triumph lovers out there, Paul’s son has just completed the restoration of a cracking yellow 1974 Spitfire Mk4 which we were looking forward to seeing in the flesh / metal at the NEC this year.

That puts paid to the myth that owners of the two marques don’t get on 😉

If it’s anything like the quality of the BGT, It’ll be some machine – Roll on showtime…..

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