ACCC visit to Alloway Primary School


We may moan at the restrictions that Covid has caused during 2020 but there is no doubt that our school children have been the most affected, whether it be their education, their social interactions or their exercise and play opportunities.

No one will be more aware of this than their teachers.  

Jill Mitchell who teaches Primary 5 pupils at Alloway Primary reached out to the Club to ask if we could assist in bringing the travel and transport topic #TrainsPlanesAndAutomobiles to life, as the normal visits to museums the pupils might enjoy were sadly not available.

We were only too happy to oblige and 9 cars ranging in age from 1935 to 1997 arrived in the playground for the pupils to explore.

The enthusiasm and knowledge of the pupils was quite remarkable with the questions they asked keeping us on our toes!

Francis had prepared handouts covering the different car we brought on the day and the pupils had access to every vehicle, making the afternoon a ‘hands-on’ learning experience.  

We hope the display covered how the engineering, technology and safety of road vehicles has evolved over the last century and maybe even sparked an interest for a future classic car owner!

We have to add that the wonderful teaching staff and pupils of Alloway Primary were a credit to themselves, the institution and their families – We hope they had an enjoyable and informative afternoon (despite the weather!) The vehicles we brought on the day were:

  • 1938 Morris 8 2 seat
  • 1941 Plymouth (USA)
  • 1959 Ford Popular 103e
  • 1968 Volkswagen Beetle 1303
  • 1970 Triumph Herald 13/60 Convertible
  • 1970 MGB Roadster Mk2
  • 1973 Morris Marina based Pilgrim
  • 1990 Toyota MR2 Mk2 Turbo (Japan)
  • 1997 Mitsuoka Viewt (Japan)

Grateful thanks go to the members who were so generous with their pride & joy in sharing it with the pupils – we know it was very much appreciated !  

Ronnie lets the pupils experience using a starting handle

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