Stu’s Nostalgic Mind Trips – November 2020

Hello Members & Friends,

I am not able to get you speakers for our meetings for the foreseeable future, so I have searched YouTube and selected some interesting ones to share with you.

Of course you may have seen some that I have selected but they’re all car related – early ones from the 30’s right through to the 90’s (and beyond!).  We’ll maybe share the odd ‘how to’ ???⚙️ as well and some exotic ones we can’t afford (or maybe you can?)

I am calling these posts :

?Stu’s Nostalgic Mind Trips?

As it’s near Christmas, I will start with a little light relief.  We all started here! 
Maybe not in this car or even this era – Why not comment below and let me know what you learned / passed in?

Enjoy !

If so, I will continue to bore you with more monthly posts.

And now something a little more sensible for you as well 😉

Stay safe over the coming #LockdownMk2 and make the best of it under the circumstances ?


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