Stu’s Nostalgic Mind Trips – December 2020

Hello Members & Friends!

It’s that time of the month again and I’ve selected another two gems from good old YouTube for your enjoyment!

Can you remember the days before Sat Nav was a thing?

In 1971, ‘Tomorrow’s World’ asked Is this the map of the future?

If this catches one we will need massive glove boxes to hold all the cassettes and if you’re a commercial traveler….

Holy Molly !!  

Some of our cars don’t even have a cassette deck – come to think of it, most modern cars don’t either!

And now for something completely different !

We move 20 years forward and not only is this a different era of car but it’s definitely a different era of presentation…

Christmas special Car
This is the bee’s knee’s ,excuse the pun because you have to be small to enjoy the fun
I know because I had one for fourteen years 

“it’s a Honda Civic that got hit by a Mario kart lightning bolt” ???

Enjoy & have a great Christmas and New Year!


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