Membership Cards for 2021

The Postman always delivers (we hope!)

Keep your eyes on the letterbox as, later this month, you should find your 2021 Membership Card and, if you need it, a fresh Lanyard dropping through! (If you’ve contacted Tony to ask for replacement Lanyards / PVC holders, they’ll be included in the pack.)

They might come in useful as it’s been so long since we gathered, we might have forgotten each others names 😉

We have also included a data-check form on the reverse of the enclosed letter – Can we ask everyone to check their details are correct and if not, get in touch?

Thanks in advance folks!

Here’s to being able to use them! – All we need is the vaccine to kick in and allow us all to hang them round our necks, head to a car show with them!

If you don’t have a lanyard for your Membership Card, click ‘HERE’ to tell Tony who will arrange a new one for you.


2021 SVVF Yearbook

We would normally be expecting to be seeing the SVVF Yearbook dropping through our letterboxes around now but we might be a little later now due to Covid.

The Morgans Yearbook have already announced that they won’t be publishing till March 9th this year, a delay of 4 weeks, to allow rescheduled events to be added to the book.

We have no update on whether the SVVF have done similarly, but their website already has 9 cancellations on it covering shows up till the end of July.

We’ll populate our event calendar with confirmed shows as the year progresses and keep you updated as always.

If you hear of any rescheduled and cancelled shows, let us knowing we’ll spread the word.



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