Old Cars in Old Magazines…

Dad, What’s that you’re reading?

Oh, just some car magazines a friend lent me.   “They look quite old” came the reply.

Yes, they’re from 1964 & 1965.    “That’s older than you – Old magazines with old cars in them?”

It’s a fair point – Am I alone?  What I found really fascinating was some of the advertising in them which I thought I’d share here. (Click on the images to see them full size!)


Fan Belts

Growing up, I knew you didn’t leave home without a spare in the boot and I also knew that a pair of Mum’s tights could be used in a jam (although I don’t ever recall that happening – only that it was good to know and good to be resourceful. 

It’s a habit I followed for the first few years of car ownership after passing my test in the early 90’s but I must confess I haven’t carried one in any car (except the MGB) for a long time.  Touch wood I’ve never had one snap.


What a testament to modern production methods!  This is definitely something I haven’t seen advertised in a long time.




The first respray I ever got done was my old Spitfire which cost me the princely sum of £850 (£100 more than I paid for the car!)

How much is 79’6 in todays money?

I’m not sure how good a job you’d expect from this and indeed whether or not the local council would allow such an advert in these enlightened times.  Think of the environmental damage…  Where is the PPE in the advert?

Simpler times indeed.  These days we’d demand pictures of the outcome and reviews from satisfied purchasers, yet this advert did the trick in ’65.


Car Coats

A ‘Car Coat’ – There’s a phrase I haven’t heard in a long time.  

My Dad, and I daresay most men of that era, had one of those!

These days we tend to remove coats and jackets when getting into the car.  This suggests you may have had to wrap up before setting off ‘back in the day’.

Having driven a couple of 1960’s cars during the winter and sampled the ‘heaters’, I can see why these were a thing!

This was a popular enough item to merit a full page advert in 1965.  Again, I wonder how much it would be in todays money?

If you look above, it’s not far off the cost of that DIY respray.

One of them must represent good value!



The Hillman Imp!


A Scottish motoring icon!

It wasn’t so cool in the late 1980’s when my old Aunt offered me her bright orange Imp ‘if I wanted it to learn in’.  

‘Hmmm  Girls car’, I thought. (I got it but never had it due to it ‘disappearing’ – A story for another day)

I’d be quite happy to have one now….

The advert clearly focusses on the practicality and economy of the Imp, but if you see one today at a car show or meet, the owners generally talk about the handling and performance.  

How times have changed.

The little Imp is well remembered.   Linwood no more……


New Road Signs!

How did you let the motorist know about new developments on the UK’s roads?  

What better way than in a popular publication of the day!

The clips you see in this article are taken from ‘Car Mechanics – The Motorists ‘How to do it’ Magazine’

It definitely seems like the way to reach the masses in an era when tinkering with a car wasn’t so much a hobby as a requirement if you wanted to use it.


Times have definitely changed.

I recently saw a ‘FaceBook Funny’ which said something along the lines of

‘I’m not saying people today are stupid, but when you bought a car in the 60’s, the manual told you when and how to adjust the tappets.

These days it tells you not to drink the battery acid’

Harsh but fair…


All the best till next time!


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