Even More Old Cars in Old Magazines…

Back to the 60’s with a bang this time (hopefully not a backfire!)

In these days of Engine Management Systems and Digital Displays giving you enough information to overload a pilot, you could be forgiven for forgetting there was a time when we clamoured for more info on how our chariot was running.

Additional gauges were the thing back then and ‘Smiths‘, ‘Jaeger‘ & ‘Moto-Meter‘ were the Kings.

If you wanted to monitor Amps, Voltage, Oil Temp or even just tell the time, you generally had to add it.

You could also buy parts for tuning up the carbs or setting the tyre pressures from the latter.

Crypton Tuning was the way to get peak performance from your car – I recall my Dad & Uncles swearing by this and actually having one of these mythical units in the garage when I was a youngster in the 70’s.  They must have been quite the rarity in the mid 60’s when you look at the listing above.


Between renewing your valve springs and using the latest chemicals from ‘Holts‘ to ready your car for Summer use, advertising in the mid 60’s definitely had the DIY motorist in mind.

It probably says a lot for the lifespan of valve springs that ‘Terry’s‘ thought it worthwhile to pay for a full page advert to highlight this.

A smoking mechanic too – how times change!

In the mid 60’s, Holts are probably at the forefront of what is now a Multi Million pound marketplace dominated today by the likes of Autoglym & Meguires.

I wonder if they could have imagined what it would become…


A quick read through the ‘Looking Ahead‘ section to the left shows where we were with motoring laws and concerns in early 1964.

Legislation around noise and motorsport was just around the corner and safety was coming to the fore at the same time.

I noted the paragraph on ‘Green Shield Stamps‘ – These were the forerunner of the modern loyalty points schemes we enjoy today.

What do you remember getting with your stamps?

There was always a section in the magazine to submit your great ideas to, something we still see today.

Did you ever have any gems published or have you used one from a magazine?


Finally, this little gem of an advert from Pininfarina – Body designer of note from the period.

They would be asking about vehicles between 30 & 40 years old at this point!  

Classics of their day.

Worth reflecting that these days if a manufacturer were to take an advert in a magazine for something other than sales, it would more likely be for a recall to fix something!


All the best till next time!

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