Yet more Old Cars in Old Magazines

This month we find ourselves in 1977

The publication is ‘Thoroughbred & Classic Cars’ which you’ll recognise these days as ‘Classic Cars Magazine’ although it still bears its original name beyond these shores.

Seems like a bargain at 50p – our poor American friends had to stump up $2 for it!

Clearly pitched at the more ‘monied’ segment of the market, it’s apparent that there aren’t as many adverts for gadgets for the motorist; it’s more service / vehicle purchase focussed, with many of the car adverts not having prices attached.

Presumably, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it 🙁

A couple of well loved classics adorn the cover, but in 1977, one of these had just been launched – The Jaguar XJ-S.

Given that the XJ-S was attempting to replace the E-Type, you can imagine it faced a hard task – The report was suitably damning..

We’ve come to appreciate it on it’s own merits in the intervening years…

One advert did have a second hand 1963 E-Type, albeit rebodied, for sale.

This 14 year old example could be yours for £1,975 – Where did I park that Delorean……

Superb Gifts?

There were also some gifts advertised for the Rolls-Royce enthusiast, sporting the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ (the origins of which Ronnie told us in a previous article).

When was the last time you saw an ashtray for sale, let alone advertised?  Changed days indeed !

They also advertised replacement mascots for the bonnet of your Roller, presumably to replace the one the local miscreants nicked in some kind of 70’s precursor to the Beastie Boys fans nicking VW badges 😉

Is that a keyring I see?

I can’t imagine anything less comfortable in my pocket…..

There was an interesting article titled ‘Up against the dealers?’ which gave a decent account of vehicle prices should you be in the market for something upmarket.  Aston Martin?  

Suits you Sir!

There was also an article on David Murray and Ecurie Eccosse – A gripping read for motorsport enthusiasts and those interested in the characters involved even back then.

This double page spread of adverts might seem a little basic by modern comparisons, but printing and graphic design technology has moved on quite a bit in the last 44 years.  

The magazine was probably reasonably up market for the time in that it had a ‘full colour centrefold’ of a featured car – this month, a 1960 Lola Climax.

The rear cover in many ways shows that some things don’t change regarding what floats our boat in this hobby – there is a schematic of the two cars adorning the front cover, and who doesn’t love artwork like this?

We’re spoiled with the full colour, glossy paged monthlies that we enjoy these days!

All the best till next time & Stay Safe!

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