Club Summer Dinner Bookings – 13/08/2021

A little addendum to Francis’s last email

A little note to Members regarding the booking of the forthcoming ACCC Summer Dinner and, if the method is popular, more club events in the future, including those events where fees are not required. 

As you will be aware if you read the last Newsletter from Francis, it has been difficult to keep track of bookings and payments for events recently and in an effort to address that, we have mechanised the ‘Shop’ on the website.

We have added a new ‘product’ which allows Members to book and pay for the upcoming dinner via PayPal, Cheque & Bank Transfer.  This will automatically notify Francis & the Committee of your booking and give them visibility of how you have paid / intend to pay.

This is the process that is already in use for non-member bookings for Cars on the Campus, so from our side we know that it works. 

For security, the new booking form will only be visible when you are signed in to the website and will not be accessible to non-Club members. We can only accept bookings made before Monday 8th August @ 10:00pm as the hotel need the final list in good time to prepare.

As always we’d like your feedback on how you find this method and if there are any suggestions for improvements.

You can give feedback by emailing and book your Dinner spaces (or just have a look) by clicking on the image below:

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