Arrangements for Cars on the Campus – This Sunday (22nd August)

It’s finally here (albeit later in the year than usual)

Cars on the Campus is this Sunday, 22nd of August – but what are the arrangements for vehicles and public I hear you ask?

The gates will open at 8:00am and we ask that Ayrshire Classics Members arrive before 9:00am if possible, to be parked in the areas you will see in the email you should already have received.

That email also contained an identification badge to display in your windscreen on entry to aid the Marshalls.  Visiting Non-Members who have booked to display will also have received a page to print and display on entry to speed their way.  

Not displaying this will result in delaying your entry until proof of booking can be established.  The event is at capacity so please do all you can to make entering the Campus as smooth as possible.

Visitors have been asked to be in place before 10:00am in readiness for the New Provost opening the show at 10:30am

Entrants can collect an engraved glass and show booklet from out ‘wigwam’ adjacent to the entry gate.

The Provost will be on hand for prize giving at around 3:00pm.

There is much more information in the entry email that everyone should have received – we look forward to seeing you all (and your vehicles!) on the day.

As always, the entry for the general viewing public on foot is free and there are a variety of attractions to keep everyone occupied, fed & watered.

Masks are not obligatory at the outdoor event but will be required for those needing to use the indoor toilet facilities.

Please bear in mind the Scottish Government advice on good practice at gatherings – Let’s all keep each other safe!

Please note that the “Roon The Toon” running event all takes place on the same day this year which will impact some routes in Kilmarnock.  To see the route, please visit their website at

We recommend coming to the show via the A77 and taking the Grassyards exit which brings you straight to the Campus.

Please note that since our last event here at St. Joseph’s Campus, a cycle lane with rubber bollard protection has been instated on Grassyards Road which prevents the parking of vehicles.  If you are visiting the show, please use the nearby parking at the Kay Park and please park responsibly and be considerate of the neighbours to the show.

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