Visit to Wilson’s Heritage Centre

Sunday saw us invited to the Wilson’s Auction Heritage Centre for a return visit.

This was a very popular destination for those who made it along last time and a good number of members accepted the private invitation Gavin Wilson made to the club to return and enjoy the centre again.

The day began with a dry if slightly overcast drive towards Dalry and the centre in the Sunbeam Alpine (Hood down as always!).

On arrival I set the club flags and sign up with help from the old boys before the cars started flooding in.

We didn’t count exactly, but around 50 club vehicles made the trip – a great selection young and old cars.

After looking around the Museum and outside it was time for something to eat and they was lots to choose from!  Then it was back to looking at cars and talking to members. Before we knew it, 4 o‘clock had arrived and it was time to go.

Thanks go to the Wilson family for hosting us and showing the members around their vast collection and for Gareth the host for taking time to chat most of us.

Once again I would say one of the best days out the club has had.

George Frame

Here are a few words on the outing from our Club Secretary, Ronnie Johnston:







The General does it again!

With his talent for organising outstanding visits we have become accustomed to a high standard from everything George Frame arranges for us. However, Sunday’s visit excelled everything that has gone before.

We are grateful to Gareth Wilson of Wilson’s Auctions for our second invitation of a private visit to his magnificent Heritage Centre.

Anyone visiting for the first time will be surprised by what is on show.

The building itself is set in well manicured surroundings and is beautifully finished with the reception area resembling an upmarket hotel.

However, the real surprise awaits in the main hall which houses an eclectic display of historic vehicles. There is something for everyone, from vintage tractors to historic cars and commercials, all presented in fine condition.

My personal favourite was the eye catching Triumph Roadster which greets you as you enter but it would be difficult to single out any one exhibit as all are special in their own way.

Our first visit was on a wet and windy December evening almost two years ago and the journey there was undertaken in our modern cars. However, Sunday’s fine weather brought out the Classic Cars which surrounded the building and proved an appropriate addition to Gareth’s fine collection.

We are grateful to Gareth for sharing his collection with us and providing excellent hospitality throughout the day.

All told, an excellent and memorable visit.

Ronnie Johnston

Club Secretary


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