NEC Classic Car Show – Net Hero

What a quick (and great) weekend!

There was so much to see and cover at the NEC Classic Car Show that I’ll spread it over a few posts.

Great to meet up with a few ‘week kent faces’ both in our own club and in the wider classic car community!

If you were at the gathering at Alloway Primary last week, you’ll probably have heard me comment that I expected, with COP26 being topical,  the pupils to ask us about the environmental impact of older cars and what we were doing to offset.

Funnily enough, one of the first talks I heard from Mike Brewer of ‘Wheeler Dealer’ fame, was asking enthusiasts the same question and providing a solution.



NET-HERO.ORG is an initiative for classic car owners who wish to know what the carbon footprint of their vehicle is and pledge to support high-quality carbon projects to offset this for as little as 2p per mile, as well as spread the message that our hobby can be enjoyed responsibly, even from an environmental viewpoint.

It is incredibly simple to sign up to and you’ll receive a vignette and certificate for your vehicle as well as knowing you’re offsetting your carbon footprint.  Our hobby is based around the premise of recycling, repairing & restoration to begin with, and initiatives like these help prove that classic car ownership is a net positive to the economy, the community and even the environment.

Even my wildly optimistic 1200 miles per year in the MGB came in under 1tCO2e !

I’m very happy to contribute my £30 for that and given that the ‘B’ is tax free, I’ll gladly stump that up in the knowledge that, at least in environmental terms, the money will likely be better spent by NET-HERO.ORG than it would be by any government.

I’ll post some more over the coming weeks (which will give me time to rifle through the photo’s, videos and literature I collected over the trip!)

All the best




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