Happy New Year! – Welcome to 2022

Lang May Yer Lumb Reek!

A very Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us!

I’m sure we’ll all be waving off 2021, thanking it for trying its best, but hoping 2022 makes a better job of things!

What anniversaries can we look forward to in 2022 I hear you ask?  Well, there will be a post in the coming weeks with all the anniversaries we know of, but we have to mention that MGB turns 60 this year and the club celebrates a special anniversary too…

Having been founded in 2004, Ayrshire Classics Car Club turns 18 in 2022 so presumably we’ve passed our Driving Test and know better than to take the car to the pub – another place we’re allowed to frequent now 😉

We go into 2022 as proud members of both the Scottish Vintage Vehicle Federation and the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs – The largest Classic Car Federation in the UK.  Your SVVF Yearbook, containing a listing of all the Scottish Shows we can look forward to in 2022 will be with you at the beginning of February and we’ll share the FBHVC newsletters as they’re published and all relevant membership benefits!

As far as January goes, there is no club meeting but we do convene for a Club Dinner which is on Friday, 21st of January at the Savoy Park.  We know all who are attending will have a fabulous time as always and we look forward to everyone reconvening for the AGM in February.

What do you have planned in the garage for the first couple of months of the New Year?

Let us know – we’d love to share it on the site!  Click ‘HERE’ to get in touch with Tony to share your tales!

Some of us will be be busy recommissioning cars that had too little use last year (we’d love to hear your tips) and some will be getting on with ‘that restoration’ or fettling their car for upcoming shows.

Whatever you’re doing, we wish you the best of luck and as a club, help & experience are all around us.  Just get in contact if you need advice from a fellow member and we’ll put you in touch.  That’s what the club is all about.

We say ‘It’s all about the Cars’ but it’s really all about the people!

Here’s to 2022 – Cheers!

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