Retro Toyota Day 2022 – Show Report

A foray across the border to celebrate Spring!

An 8am start for the 100 (ish) mile trip to Carlisle to attend the 2022 edition of Retro Toyota Day – only my daughter was up in time to go with me.  The rest of the family followed on an hour or so later.
We know who the real petrol head will be when she’s old enough 😉

The yellow peril didn’t miss a beat and we arrived in good time to park up in the showroom for the start of the event.  Covid had affected the last two attempts at staging this show and I had been invited to display the MR2 in the showroom for the 2020 show which was cancelled and the kind folks at Border Toyota Carlisle who stage the event invited me to do so again having missed out!  Thanks – Really appreciated that, even if the fabulous showroom lighting showed up every imperfection in the paintwork.  I’ll get round to that someday…

I was in the main showroom where the theme was ‘Original (or pretty much)’ and the modified cars were in the sister showroom which normally houses the Lexus offerings with the car park catering for the bulk of the show cars which included all marques as well as the expected ‘Retro Toyotas’

Once parked, I polished up the car and set off around the show to video and photograph (as usual) and catch up with old friends as well as make some new ones.

When the family turned up, we had another browse around all the cars.  Leigh pointed out her favourites to the boys which were predictably highly modified and popping colours.  Why she likes mine I’ll never know.  Unless she has plans for it……

We nipped across to the nearby Asda for a quick cuppa only for the phone to ring to tell me the car had won ‘Best Toyota MR2’ and where was I to collect the trophy ! (away drinking tea – not a shock to those who know me)

Very pleasantly surprised but I can’t argue with their taste 😉

All in all this was yet again a great show and one I hope goes from strength to strength.  Fab day out.

Pics and video below:


Retro Toyota Day 2022
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