Drive it Day – Report

Saunter to Summerlee in the Sunshine

14 of us gathered at Heathfield Industrial Estate in Ayr before heading in convoy for the sixty minute trip to Coatbridge and the Museum of Scottish Industrial Life at Summererlee where more members were waiting for us.

The cars and drivers behaved impeccably and arrived to join the impressive array of vehicles assembled for Drive it Day.

The weather was incredibly kind and some open topped motoring had clearly been enjoyed by a good number of those that had the option – Once all the vehicles had been drooled over, there was the tram to enjoy before exploring the museum itself and of course the cafe.

It was great to be able to sit outside in the sunshine amongst the cars and chat the day away.

Here’s hoping the sunshine hangs around for a few months (especially for next week!)

There is a video of the day below – sorry if it’s a bit shaky, I didn’t pack my gimbal….

Speaking of next week, we aim to have the Cars on the Campus entry passes and joining instructions emailed out for the middle of the week!

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