Charity Day for the Kenyan Orphanage


Well, what a truly wonderfully successful day the Charity Day at “Casa Meehan” turned out to be!
A beautiful and sunny day dawned, Sun 29th May and with the Starting Gun due to fire at 1.30pm, it was a busy, busy scene as final preparation’s took place.

The inimitable General George , was whizzing about like a “Two Bob Rocket” throwing up ACCC Banner’s to create a Sea of Red + White , glinting in the sunshine.

Jim Patterson , who wonderfully provided Traffic Cones and copious amounts of Red + White Hazard Tape to mark out the Parking Areas, was in early attendance for prompt arrival’s.

Bill Brown (Chief Car Parking Officer 😊) was, with Paul’s Brother Mark, cordoning off Hazard Areas , with said Traffic Cones and Hazard Tape.
Meanwhile in the Kitchen’s , there were proverbial acres of Scone’s , Gallons of Fresh Cream and Homemade Jam as far as the eye could see.
Rhona and her Army of Friend’s and Volunteer’s, including Bill Brown’s lovely and almost Nuclear Powered Wife Christine, hardly paused for breath.
As the Clock struck 1.30pm they started to arrive……… and arrive they did !

Almost 100 People , with a plethora of just wonderful Machine’s – from Aston Martin’s to MG’s, Rolls Royce’s to Mustang’s, Daimler’s to E-type’s. …………. even an odd “vulgar” Modern Ferrari and Porsche 😉😅

All resplendent , glinting in the Sunshine, mid the convivial chatter and laughter, helped and fuelled no doubt, by those who opted to upgrade to Bubbly with their Cream Tea 😉
At 3.30pm Meredith McCrindle , Harp Player Extraordinaire took to the “Stage” on the Balcony.
Meredith is Harpist to no less than HRH Prince Charles, Donald Trump, Elon Musk (yes, of those “Electric Thingy’s” Fame 😅) , Rod Stewart and many, many more.

Not the familiar old repertoire for Meredith, her modern offering’s in the sunshine , even included Gun’s and Rose’s – YES , on a Harp ……. even the Sheep in the Field stopped to listen !
So, the result of all this enjoyment and merriment?

Well, the Target was £800 , to build the little Toilet Block at The Orphanage in Africa.
What did we achieve, thanks to the simply WONDERFUL Help and Generosity of the amazing Ayrshire Classic’s Car Club ??
Would you believe , £3373, with Monies still trickling in !!!
A truly spectacular amount and of which you should all be incredibly proud.

So , the BIGGEST THANK YOU to all :

a) Who helped in myriad ways, in preparation and on the day.

b) Who gave-up their precious time to come along with your Wonderful Machines to support this wonderful cause.

c) Who couldn’t make it on the day but very generously donated with Cash, Cheque or by Bank Transfer Direct to the Charity’s Account.

To anyone who should still like to make a Donation, no matter how small (it is amazing the difference , even a tiny amount makes) please use the Bank Transfer Details below or give any Cash or Cheques to any Committee Member or Paul.


Cheques made payable to ‘Vision Ministries’

Bank Transfer to:

Account Number:  65224119

Sort Code: 08-92-99

Account Title:  Vision Ministries SC 035235

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