Kingcase Church Fete (11th June)

Kingcase Church Fete – Saturday 11th June

We turned up at Kingcase Church on Saturday morning in support of their fete and, as is usual with our Club, had a companiable morning.

And we didn’t get rained on.

Nice fete, plentiful of home baking and a few bargains to be had.

Once the fete was over, one passing 5 year old lad, seeing a certain red Ferrari remaining, pulled his Granny through the gate.

He was shown the car and treated to a seat in the driver’s position.

Quite unbidden he declared that his dream was to own a red Ferrari and fly a 747.

His gran confirmed that he had spoken about little else for the last 2 years, so Paul was quite chuffed and it was smiles all round from us; the highlight of the day.


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