Bo’ness Car Museum and Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway – Visit Report

ACCC day out at Bo’ness Car Museum & Kinneil  Railway

We all meet up at Old Inns services and it was dry at that point for our drive down, but most coming from Ayrshire seemingly.

We went through biblical rain to get there .

On our arrival at the Car Museum thanks to Colin for opening up early and the discount tickets .
We meet up with our Porsche friends who where invited along to swell the numbers .
The car place is a must visit with its vast array of 007 cars and memorabilia as well as the odd DeLorean sitting around and some stunning car display as well as Star Wars and Dr Who exhibits.

We spent 50 mins looking around but to be fair you could spend several hours and not see every thing .

On a arrival at the railway we where meet by our personal tour guides, Fraser and Grant who are font of all things to do with the railway.  We boarded our train at 12.15 and we were all in our own carriage for our 35min journey to the halt, where we saw them uncouple the train for our return trip.

It’s different experience on a steam train.  After a short lunch break we assembled for our special tour which the general public don’t get to see it was fascinating looking around and as said the two guys are a font of knowledge. Some of the restoration projects are mind blowing both in cost and time as most of the work carried out is done by volunteers and they rely on donations and lottery funding.

Our final bit was through the new museum part open to the public, again fascinating exhibits and interactive.

I think I speak for all who attend the day that is was very enjoyable. A huge thanks to all who attend on the day and think another visit will be on the cards at some point .

Brian Wood

John Stevens adds:

Thanks to Brian Wood for leading us on our day out to Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway and the Car Museum also to Kieron Dewar for keeping control of the finances.
Both venues are excellent and well worth a visit and the weather on Sunday was kind to us as the monsoon stayed in the west.
The car museum is an Aladdins cave of classic cars and movie memorabilia dedicated to James Bond but also with exhibits on Dr Who and Star Wars.
From there we headed round to the Railway for a trip on the steam train and witnessed the coupling/ uncoupling of the loco which then moved to the opposite end of the carriages for the journey back to Bo’ness . Then followed a tour of the museum and workshops. A few famous exhibits in work and one in particular is destined for an area being prepared as part of the Glasgow Central tour.So a big thanks from everyone who thoroughly enjoyed the day!


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