The Postman Cometh !!

And look what he brought!

Yes, if you are a club member and had joined before the end of October last year, you should have received your copy of the SVVF 2023 Yearbook through the letterbox this morning!  (or in the coming days depending on your postie)

If you joined after that, speak to our Treasurer, Kieron at the next meeting (AGM) who should be able to pass you one of the additional copies we always order.

We’ll be looking at the published events over the coming days and preparing a suggested ‘Event Calendar’ that we will offer to the members as ones to attend as a club.  Tony will add as many as makes sense to our online calendar on the website for easy access.

A couple of things of note this year:

The country was previously split into 5 areas but has now been split into 4 – This shouldn’t make any difference to members but I thought it was worth mentioning.  We (Ayrshire) will be part of ‘Area 3’ and our Area Rep is one of our Members, John Gray (you might know him by his lovely Mercedes SL350) – Congratulations John!
You can visit the SVVF website by clicking ‘HERE’

‘Cars on the Campus’ is missing from the Yearbook (again) owing to a miscommunication between the SVVF & ourselves.  It is on – Announcements will be coming up shortly!

We’ll have a discussion surrounding which events everyone favours at the AGM on Thursday February 9th @ Kingcase Halls, Waterloo Road in Prestwick, but in the meantime, you can use the form at the foot of this post to tell us which shows you would prefer:

Also, as you’ll hopefully know, the man who always organised those events, Brian Mabon, has stepped down from this due to work and family commitments, so we’re looking for a member to ‘step up’ and take this role on.  There will of course be every assistance for the from the remaining committee.  It’s great fun, not too onerous and very rewarding so if you fancy it, just get in touch by clicking ‘HERE‘.

Suggestions for Shows to attend in 2023

(Remember to click the ‘submit’ button at the bottom once you’re finished)


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