Practical Classics ‘Restoration Show’ – Report

The ‘Resto Show’ is a great opener to the season!

It’s the sister show of the year closer in November, the ‘Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show’ and despite covering fewer halls (3 to the big show’s 5), its well worth a visit, especially for tool / motobilia fans.

We set off in the early hours of Friday morning to travel the 300 miles to the NEC, leaving plenty of time to fuel up and have a break half way and still be there for the opening at 10:00am.  We arrived in plenty of time to have a traditional cuppa in the adjoining Starbucks where I found that when the server asked for my name, ‘Tony’ must have sounded like ‘Twinny’…..

Maybe it’s the heavy cold I seem to have developed combined with the Scots accent ;). It gave us a laugh anyway.

The show itself never fails to disappoint and I’d taken Adam along as a treat this year.  We started at Hall 3a in the auction area which had the widest selection of vehicles available for sale, and being the Restoration Show, the conditions varied from barn find to concourse!

The tools, motobilia & car parts are always a prime destination for me and I did stock up on some tools that, as usual, will sit in the garage for months before I get round to using them 😉

Then it was off round the various club stands to meet some familiar faces before dropping in on the ‘Pride of Ownership’ stand where we met Paul Clappison, who some of our members also caught up with at the hotel on Friday night.  His Porsche was looking fabulous and indeed he became a multiple winner on Sunday for his efforts, his White MGBGT being a previous winner.  Well done Paul !

The show is well worth a visit and rather than me waffling on about all its wonders, there is a video below which will give you a ‘walk around flavour’ of what was on offer.

Needless to say, Adam & I had a great time and got to meet a few of his motoring TV heroes!

A weekend well spent.


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