Dumfries House Visit

August 1, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Dumfries House Visit

When – Sunday 1 Aug 21
Timing – TBD
Details – we have been offered a visit with a conducted one hour tour around the House leaving our classics parked in front of the House. 

Under current Covid rules Dumfries House can accommodate a maximum of 32 people / 16 households or bubbles.  Of course that should change once Covid restrictions are lifted.  But right now they are planning using current rules and that means that they can only cater for 2 visits a day.  As they have an afternoon group booked the morning lot (us) have to be clear by 1330 hours to allow the staff to clean the place.

Payment must be made in advance as a single Club booking as they can’t accept individual payments on the day.so we will turn you all upside down and empty your pockets in good time!

It has been suggested that we might have a tour followed by soup and a sandwich, which seems fair enough; but the cost would be £21.95 per head (tea/coffee, soup sandwiches and cake) .  A tour followed by tea/coffee and scone with butter and jam on the other hand comes in at £16.95 per head.

Armed with that information do please tell me if you want to go along and indicate which option suits.  An email to info@ayrshirreclassics.com should work (he says hopefully).


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