I do love a nice ‘info board’ next to a vehicle at a car show or meet.

There’s nothing better than finding out a little of the vehicle’s history if you can find the owner and have a chat, but all too often they are off chatting to another owner or grabbing a cuppa and the story of the car remains a mystery.

We were thinking about this and have created ‘info boards’ for previous events (school visits, Burns shows etc.) but thought about a slightly more modern take on this using ‘QR Codes’

The older our vehicles get, the more history they accrue and the more difficult it becomes to display that in a concise manner, so what if you could link the spectator to an online article they could access from their phone?

One of the benefits of having our own website and our own ‘pet geek’ to update it is that we can! 😉

There is a short video below explaining how it works and a demo of it using Tony’s MR2 as the example:

We can put whatever you would like to see behind the link for this – It really is up to you.

Let us know if it’s the kind of thing you’d be interested in for future shows by clicking ‘HERE’! 

If there is enough interest we’ll look at the feasibility of doing this (there may be a nominal cost)