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      Colin Murray

      Hi everyone, just recently joined but managed to attend Kames and COTC unfortunately without my Lotus as its living up to the mark! I’ve now got the engine running reasonably well (found a vacuum leak) with good looking plugs (light brown) good idle etc, but still a slight hesitant stutter on acceleration and was wondering if anyone has and would lend me a Gunson Colour Tune as I’ve tried to buy one but none in stock anywhere! Idle mixture has been set by ear (mine, Lol) and I’ve cleaned pump jets etc but it must be close so just looking for the final tweak. Thanks in advance and any other suggestions welcome, regards, Colin

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      Good luck Colin!
      Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the ColourTune (and obviously looking forward to seeing the car in the near future!)

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        John Malcolm

        Hi Colin

        Just noticed your post and I gave my Colortune to a friend and can get him to lend it to you if you still need it. Where do you stay. Ayr would be the best place to give it to you.


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        Colin Murray

        Hi John, thanks for the offer but all sorted a while back, Tony lent me his and it worked out fine, cheers

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