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      Hello all,
      Now that the website has ‘officially’ launched (It’s been here since last year in reality!) I know we’ll have members who wish to join the Private Forum that you requested in the club survey.
      To do that, you need to add the account “Ayrshire Classics Car Club” as a friend and We’ll verify your info and add you to that group. It’s only visible and usable by verified ACCC members!

      To add a friend firstly you must register your own user account. Then, on the main page, look down the left hand side for the link that says ‘Members’. Click on that and look for ‘Ayrshire Classics Car Club’ and click the ‘Add Friend’ button on the right. (Obviously feel free to add anyone else you know!)

      When we get the friend request, we will verify your info and add you to the Private Group.

      As always, any queries, just ask!

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      Quick update on accessing the Private Members ACCC Forum – I’ve found a much easier way I can add members from the back end and all registered users who are also ACCC members are now added.
      As new users register, I’ll check them against the Membership Database and add them so essentially the process should look automatic from the outside !

Viewing 1 reply thread
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