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      Kieron Dewar

      Hi folks,
      I have a UK spec 2007 Subaru Legacy 2.0 with the EJ204 naturally aspirated engine and fault codes for the EGR valves and secondary air pump (P1410 and P2444). The parts cost for the valves and pump is prohibitive and more than the car is worth however there is potentially a way of ‘overwriting or bypassing’ the codes in the ECU with a software flash. Unfortunately there is a known issue with one ECU made by Hitachi which my car has and this makes it near impossible to physically or electronically access the ECU. I have tried a number of Subaru specialists and ECU tuning companies but am drawing a blank. Does anyone have any contacts that could help please?

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      Brian Wood

      Take it your old company cannot help .have you tried the Subaru owners club forums

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