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      John Malcolm

      I was searching for a good Jaguar convertible under £15k. Looked at 6 including coupes but none were up to scratch. An XK8 with 50k mls looked perfect but when checked by a Jag specialist had 117 defects underneath it’s apparent beauty. Don’t buy it was their view. The best car I saw was the SL after viewing another 4 from specialist dealers.

      I bought the car in February 2019 and had it fully checked by a Mercedes specialist who gave it a thumbs up. I asked them particularly to check that all 4 suspension struts were okay.

      They only reported an upper ball joint showing signs of movement which would be a simple fix if needed for Mot.

      Come Mot time in September 2019 after only 2,000mls. 2 bottom ball joints failed which happen to be attached to the front suspension units. Both needed replaced at exorbitant cost.

      Oh; and a host of advisories relating to the other ball joints in the front suspension. Other than that, the car is perfect in all other respects thankfully.

      Their excuses were weak and demonstrated that they didn’t check the suspension to Mot standards in February.

      Note that there were no advisories in the previous mot just 3,000mls ago.

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      It’s a great looking car John.
      I wonder what percentage of vehicles MOT’s these days leave the station with a fairly obvious defect?
      I might be cynical but I think there’s a higher chance of the station finding work to do if they’re quiet as opposed to fully booked on occasions…..

      Anyone have a view or experience of oversights like this?

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