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      Tony Penman

      I’ll put my hand up here – One of the best cars I’ve ever owned was a pearlescent black 1995 Ford Mondeo hatchback which came from factory with Cosworth Alloys and an ST24 bodykit. It was fully loaded with all the gadgets of the day (to which I added a Sony CD Multichanger and some Alpine 11×9’s in the parcel shelf – I know. Vandalism). A year or so after I got it, I added a full wired Nokia car kit (remember those pre bluetooth legends) and a Tom-Tom Sat Nav, again, the fully fitted version.

      It was a shrine to the early 90’s, but do I look on it only as it takes me back to a good time or was is a great car?

      I remember it as the latter. I spent the first few months messing around with tyres and tracking until I was happy with it and then never looked back. For a big machine it handled beautifully and was a lovely place to be into the bargain.

      Before the Mondeo, I’d changed my car every 6 to 8 months – I kept the Mondeo for 10 years and then gave it to my wife cousin who killed it (& broke my heart). It had almost 250,000 miles on it and had only ever cost me brakes, tyres, droplnks and a clutch.

      So was it just ‘a good car’ or is it a ‘modern classic’?

      Tell me what you think!

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